[iOS & Android Mod] Legendary: Game of Heroes Hack (Unlimited Gold & Gems)

Legendary: Game of Heroes Hack

Welcome to our latest hack for a new mobile game called 'Legendary: Game of Heroes' which is basically another medieval style era Match 3 RPG game. Basically what you do in this game is that you have to summon cards of some fantasy fighters and deploy them in battle in a Match 3 battle. This game is honestly quite addicting to play and you'll definitely have to try it out if you're a fan of the RPG.

Like all of our hacks and mods, your mobile phone does not need to be rooted or jailbroken to use our mod. Simply head towards or online generator below and generate unlimited gold and gems for Legendary: Game of Heroes!

This game currently has a rating of 4.3 stars which is considered not too bad in the realm of mobile gaming in 2017. Currently has around 1,000,000 to over 2,000,000 downloads in Google Play Store.

Working as of:

Features of our Legendary: Game of Heroes Hack:

  1. Unlimited Gems
  2. Unlimited Gold

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Cheats, tips and tricks Legendary: Game of Heroes Hack:

Legendary: Game of Heroes cheats, tips and tricks

Tip 1: Stay calm and plan your moves carefully!

Given the nature of Match 3, it is important to give yourself some time to analyze the board carefully and determine the areas where you can setup combos. After all, the combos you can pull off, you can deal more damage to the enemies! Not to mention, you'll also gain more stars at the end. If you manage to earn all the stars in a campaign quest, you'll earn a gem as a reward. 

Tip 2: Healers!

It is of utmost importance that you bring a healer type hero into the battlefield. You can denote healer type heroes with a heart icon on their cards. The amount they heal you is decided by the percentage multiplied by their generally higher recovery rate. Not only that, they can also convert certain gems that you find into heart gems! These additional heart gems can help you if you need to recover desperately from a very severe hit!

Tip 3: Have a diverse squad!

This is extremely important. Given that your squad attacks based on the type of gems that you match, it can be justified to have a complete mono element squad. However, you'll have to be content of the fact that your attacking opportunities won't come very often in terms of matching a specific elemental gem. It's better to have half of your heroes be the same element that specifically counter the elemental weakness of the enemies you meet in the campaign and the remaining be different. So even if your main elemental heroes cannot attack, your other elemental heroes will be able to deal damage at the very least.

Thank you for reading our Legendary: Game of Heroes Unlimited Gold and Gems hack! We'll see you again soon!



Legendary: Game of Heroes is the most addictive, fun & deep Puzzle Adventure RPG.

Enter the fantasy world of Korelis and assemble the ultimate team of Legendary heroes. Quest, battle, collect and evolve in the most immersive and strategic puzzle RPG game ever.

YOU are Legendary! Begin your adventure today!


• VIP Subscriptions - Coming Soon!
• Match with Magic - A unique, fun & powerful match game
• Hundreds of amazing characters to collect & evolve
• Discover, develop & unleash powerful skills
• Fight with friends and share your spoils
• Join a guild to participate in guild events, awaken your heroes and receive valuable gifts
• Chat with your guild mates and strategize how to rule guild leaderboards
• Create teams to develop the ultimate strategy
• New adventures await with continuous updates
• Open packs to win rare, super rare and legendary heroes
• Collect them all to unlock the secrets & story of Korelis
• Master missions and earn special quest rewards
• Incredible graphics bring the world of Korelis to life
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