[iOS & Android Mod] Club Penguin Island Free Membership

Club Penguin Island! The not-so-free to play game compared to its predecessor after it has shut down its services sometime last month. Of course we have easily managed to 'bypass' their system which allows you to quote unquote "Have Membership". Unfortunately this implementation only provides your one devices - either iOS or Android with the necessary inject for the membership and not for other devices. However, as long as you own that devices you can play and update Club Penguin Island indefinitely.

Like always, no root or jailbreak is needed for your Android/iPhone devices. You can use it freely.

This game as of writing has a very poor review rating of 2.3 stars on iTunes Store and only 0.1 higher - 2.4 stars on Google Play Store. The main reason for this is because unlike its previous web version, Club Penguin Island isn't exactly 'Free to play'. Therefore we have come out with this membership exploit.

Working as of:

Features of our Club Penguin Island Hack:

  1. Free Membership for you to have fun in Club Penguin Island!

Get Access to our Club Penguin Island Membership Hack:

What is Club Penguin Island?:

Basically it's a scaled down web version of Club Penguin in 3D. A lot of people are already complaining about how most of Club Penguin island's content being locked behind the paywall. The people who actually tried out the membership demo for 7 days usually have mixed reactions. Some said that it is 'okay' for a just newly released game whereas the opposite bash on it for being inferior compared to the web version. - Understandably because nostalgia -. 

However, nothing beats the bloody fact that we can't connect for LONGER THAN 3 MINUTES! Though admittedly it didn't happen all the time, only on certain occasions where we would be booted from the server - definitely due to high load. This is a problem that likely by the time this post went up it would have already been solved. So it is not quite a huge deal. So with that out of the way let's talk about some of the things you can actually do!

At the moment the locations available for all users to explore are relatively sparse. Though for sure overtime Club Penguin Island will start to add more content for its membership users to enjoy. For now though unfortunately given its monthly price it is definitely not worth the membership.

Much like the original Club Penguin however, the main essence of simply playing dressup, having fun and playing mini-games are still prevalent in this version. You can even create your very own custom clothing using a 'Clothing Customizer'! Another major thing they introduced are Penguin Levels which basically assesses the player's progress through completing adventures as well as daily adventures. The reward comes in various forms and they can range from Blueprints - for your clothes - to emojis for use in chat. At the moment, there are only 15 levels. 

Adventure & Daily Challenges

The meat and spice of the game no doubt. The adventures are something like a campaign and daily challenges are what it implies. All daily challenges and adventures except for Leaky Landing by Aunt Artic is free - which is bascially an introduction/tutorial of sorts for this game. Each time you complete an adventure, you will earn XP as well as rewards in the form of for example coins.

As for daily challenges, they are basically something like quests that refreshes every 24 hours that you the player can complete to earn rewards as well as XP. There will always be at least 4 different challenges per day. Interestingly, the challenges themselves are split into two types - type 1 being solo and community which is basically a party challenge. 

There are various other things to talk about but we feel this is the crux of the core main gameplay of Club Penguin Island. If you'll like to experience this game in its entirety, we implore you to try out its 7 day free trial membership to have a feel on what this game is all about!

That's all for our Club Penguin Island Free Membership Mod today! We'll see you again next week for more!

P.S: We're confident this game will eventually grow big again - just like the flash version -. As of now however, we can't recommend this game at its current monthly recurring price.



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