[iOS & Android Mod] Titanfall: Assault Unlimited Tokens Hack

Titanfall: Assault Unlimited Tokens Hack

Welcome back to another post on Mobile Gaming Redefined! This time we are posting something a little early and different this time round. It's basically a real time shooter turned mobile game known as Titanfall: Assault! This game, if you'll like a rough idea of how it plays like: It bascially plays like Clash Royale. If you have any idea or have played Clash Royale, this game should sit right at home with you.

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Like always, no root or jailbreak is needed for your Android/iPhone devices. You can use it freely.

Thus far, this game has only been out on pre-release, not to worry, we will always continously update our program so it will work on the latest version, refer to the 'Working as Of" to know when was the last time we performed a check. We managed to hack it through obtaining an Android APK file beforehand and learned the packets required to perform a sophisticated SQL Injection to hack unlimited tokens in Titanfall: Assault. Without further ado, let's continue the presentation.

Working as of:

Features of our Titanfall: Assault Hack:

  1. Unlimited Tokens

Get Access to our Titanfall: Assault Unlimited Tokens Hack:

What is Titanfall: Assault about?

Titanfall: Assault Gameplay

It is basically a real time strategy game where you can earn cards of units. These units all have a cost associated with them. Which you will deploy onto the battlefield to fight against the enemies. These units have Energy which will be replenished over time upon usage through deployment of androids. It is basically Clash Royale with a heavy Titanfall reskin.

The strategy here is quite simple but complex at the same time as you are after all, playing against a real enemy. The cost that replenishes overtime will constitute to the bulk of your strategy in terms of determining which unit you will want to deploy. Whether you should wait and spend more energy to deploy a more powerful heavy attacking unit or spam more light units with lower cost.

Once your unit has been deployed, they will automatically proceed to destroy your opponent. You will have no control beyond the point of deployment. Yep, that is really all this game is about. Of course apart from just soldier units, you also have other kind of units such as special abilities like Missiles which functions like Arrows or Fireball from Clash Royale, an AOE special attack. Tower cards will include things like your turrets etc.

And yes, if you are a hardcore fan of Titanfall, you will definitely not be disappointed with the graphics. The graphics are very well done not to mention the android units as well. Everything plays out quite smoothly and we are sure that you will have an enjoyable experience if you're a fan of both Titanfall and Clash Royale's style of real time strategy gameplay.

Though you might need to be warned with higher graphics settings as if you don't have a higher end phone, your game will lag out quite a bit.

What can I do with Unlimited Tokens in Titanfall: Assault?

Titanfall: Assault Tokens shop

Tokens are basically the premium currency for Titanfall: Assault. We are not sure how heavily this game will be monetized in the future and how generous they are with their tokens for now as it is still a very new game. However, for now we can say that it works basically like Clash Royale. If you don't intend on spending real money to buy tokens, you can open their Caches by playing ranked matches and slowly earn the units which will take you ages before you get any decent one.

Honestly speaking, this game is really about getting the best cards and then applying the strategy of energy optimization of your units. If you have the above, this game will feel like a breeze to you. Therefore, unless you are willing to spend money, it is highly recommended for you to grab our Titanfall: Assault unlimited tokens hack so you'll be able to compete and even the battlefield with all those playing players!

That's all for our Titanfall: Assault Unlimited Tokens hack for now! We'll see you again in our future hack!


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