Last Day on Earth: Survival Unlimited Coins Hack

Right out of the blue, here comes a Mobile MMORPG that is worth writing about compared to our previous game. This time we've prepared a new hack for a new Zombie MMORPG game known as Last Day on Earth: Survival! Yep, it is a survival game that is MMORPG in nature. Which means everything is real time.

Fan of games such as EmpireZ or Walking Dead: Road to Survival? Then you probably don't want to miss out this. The previous games of the genre are more strategical in nature, where you run a base and can even raise your own zombie army even. However, this game is not that, this game is a true Zombie Survival Gme but MMORPG in nature - that you can think of in terms of Battle Royale Games.

This game is very well received with 4.6 stars on the Google Play Market and estimated downloads of 5,000,000 - 10,000,000. We have played it ourselves and it is definitely a game worth taking a look at. Although it does employ a few tricks to get you to spend money. However, if you can resist the temptation, this game is surprisingly free to play. - Until this game matures and you get ruined by people who are whales that is.

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Features of our Last Day on Earth: Survival Hack:

  1. Unlimited Coins

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Introduction to Last Day on Earth: Survival:

This game is basically a survival game where you will hunt and scavenge for food and supplies to stay alive. While trying to increase your comfort level. When you first start out the game, you will begin on a plot of land which is basically your home base. In this home base, you will have a good amount of resources to start you out with. There are some iron, stone wood, berries and maybe some zombies. Over here, you will begin with building up your very first shelter which you will need to get prepped for future explorations.

Once you built yourself a home, you can begin to explore! The areas to explore are denoted by their danger level. There are easy zones and medium zones. For starters, loot around the easy zones and learn up some useful schematics which allows you to craft tools like spear, hatchet and pickaxe.

Start by looting around the Afla base and from there, you can continue moving around. This is a very grindy game with a rather steady progression. This game advertises itself as a MMORPG, however, for now, this game comprises of only AI Controlled characters who are after your blood at all times. If they spot you, they will want to come after you and murder you.

Overall, this game is really fun like that of 7 Days to Die except this is free and it is a mobile game. Currently in beta, this game certainly has a lot of potential to be good in the future.

Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips and Tricks

1. Hunt for upgrades!

To survive harder content in the future, you will definitely need to upgrade your equipment. Although if you are just starting out, you can consider the upgrading for later. For now, just try to scavenge your way!

2. Fortify your position

Once you have a few tools, your goal is to secure your position so your future endeavors will be less tedious. You will want to craft a backpack which basically doubles the number of items you can carry from your basic pocket, garden bed and raincatcher to make sure you won't starve or dehydrate. A small little house as well with boxes to store your loot. Just make sure it is tightly wrapped with a door. This will create a 'home base' which is only destructible with a C4, which means you are more or less safe if you come into contact with zombie attacks.

3. Reserve Ammo if possible

While it may be tempting to go guns blazing on the zombies, you shouldn't be too quick to use them. As they run out pretty quickly and they are extremely helpful in clearing out large mobs of zombies. So if you are only running into a light amount of zombies, stick to using melee weapons. Reserve guns for large hordes.

That's all for our Last Day on Earth: Survival Unlimited Coins Hack! We'll see you again in our next post!
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