[iOS & Android Mod] Mobile Strike Unlimited Gold Hack 2017

Mobile Strike Unlimited Gold Hack

Welcome back to our newly rehashed and updated mod for Mobile Strike! This time we have updated our interface to work with the latest version of Mobile Strike and will be updated periodically. Whenever we update our program, we will change the 'Working as of' date. That will be the last time we have performed maintenance on our program!

Like always, no root or jailbreak is needed for your Android/iPhone devices. You can use it freely.

Unfortunately, this game currently only have a poor star rating of 3.9 out of 5 on Google Play. The main reason why it has such poor ratings is because of the need to spend in game gold to stay ALIVE and be IN the game. Rather than spending money to obtain an advantage, the game has made it to the point where you basically have to spend money on gold to be even able to play. A little sad really. However, this means an opportunity for us to create our all power Mobile Strike Unlimited Gold Hack to help you alleviate this problem.

We are Mobile Gaming Redefined and have made countless working PREMIUM Hacks for the community.

Working as of:

Features of our Mobile Strike Hack:

  1. Unlimited Gold

Get Access to our Mobile Strike Unlimited Gold Hack/Mod:

What is Mobile Strike about?

Mobile Strike Game

Mobile Strike is basically a top down 2D MMO Strategy War game that is 'Free to Play' on both iOS and Android platform. We found it interesting that its advertising guy you see featured on almost most advertisement is Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is basically an actor, most notable for his appearance in the Terminator.

So what is Mobile Strike about? It is basically a mobile war strategy game where you will be involved in base-building, managing your troops, ally with players and of course go all out in wars against opposing players. Mobile Strike also has a hero system like that of Game of War - Fire Age - but instead it is basically acting as a commander. You can enhance your hero through leveling up, customize your heroes through equipment crafting with materials that you can find around the map, basically by giving your hero more powerful armor and better stats. 

It also features a in-app translator service that allows you to instantly translate what you said to other players so you can play much more integrally with players around the world.

Overall a really fun game, provided you have to money to sustain it. Which is why we have came up with a Mobile Strike Unlimited Gold Hack!

Top 3 Tips and Tricks for Mobile Strike:

Mobile Strike Cheats, tips and tricks

Tip #1: Daily Missions

Well, anything that is free is better than nothing right? To get some free stuff, simply go to the Mission Tab that you can find at the bottom screen. There are 3 types of missions: mainly daily, weekly as well as VIP Missions. All of these missions have timers assigned to them so you have to note when they finish. Upon finishing, you can come back, obtain the rewards and start a new one immediately.

Tip #2: Alliances

Having alliance in any war game is of the essential. It is a good way to obtain more rewards without actually having to spend money yourself. Not to mention it is always good to have some friends to fight with in a war instead of going purely solo.  During the tutorial, you will be prompted to join an alliance. Although not to worry, you can change it anytime if you don't like the alliance you chose.

Tip #3: Level your Commander

This one is extremely important. You will need to level your commander so you can gain some good passive bonuses such as Energy Level reduction, increased food production, troop attack and more. These passive bonuses are great if you are gearing towards a specific kind of build. It is highly recommended to stack up your skill points on a single ability that you need the most. If you are self-sustainable, recommended to go for Energy Level Reduction.

What can I do with Unlimited Gold in Mobile Strike?

Mobile Strike Gold Shop

You are basically God in Mobile Strike. With Gold, you can use them to speed up all of your construction, replenish your energy, teleport your base, buy resources if you run out of them, commanders if you need a better one... anything you name it, you can definitely buy with gold! There is really no need for further explanation for this one.

That's all for our Mobile Strike Unlimited Gold Hack 2017! We will see you again in the future for more hacks!
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