[iOS & Android Mod] Coin Master Unlimited Coins Hack

Coin Master unlimited coins hack

Welcome back to Mobile Gaming Redefined and today we are back with a very very casual game. Perhaps the most mindless game of all: Coin Masters.

Now that's not to say this game is mindlessly bad. It still has some redeeming qualities and a great time killer that makes this game somewhat fun and certainly captivating enough to get over 5,000,000 people to install it onto their android devices alone. Yes, we've not even added the iOS users.

This game is basically something like Tap Titans in the time killing department, it is utterly pointless in gameplay, but will serve as a good time killer or something to keep your mind off about.

We don't usually make hacks for super casual games like these, but hey, there is a market for such games, so we create hacks to cater to them. We hope you enjoy our Coin Master Unlimited Coins hack!

Working as of:

Features of our Coin Master Hack:

  1. Unlimited Coins

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Introduction to Coin Master:

Coin Master poster

This game effectively revolves around the spin. You spam the spin button to earn coins. Which can be used to buy collectible cards from chest, upgrade your buildings and get pets as well. What do the cards do? Well, if you managed to complete a set of cards, you can obtain MORE COINS! Oh, also free spins and the occasional pets which provide you with benefits. What does upgrading your village do? Well, absolutely nothing. It is simply there for aesthetic purposes. Once you've fully finished upgrading your village, you move onto the next.

So what's the appeal? Basically you can also raid and attack your friend's village. Wow! That sounds kind of fun isn't it? Well not really. All you do is simply spin the wheel till you gain 3 hammers which will allow you to attack a structure/building on your friend. Upon attacking it, you will earn EVEN MORE COINS! There is also the shield buff as well that you can obtain from the slot machine. One Shield can defend your village from a single attack, you will get them in threes upon landing 3 shield in the slot machine.

So erm... that's about it really. It is a mindless game. A really mindless game. But probably a great time killer for some so we will not judge. We hope you will enjoy our Coin Master Unlimited Coins Hack.

Come to think of it, wouldn't such a mod ruin the game?
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