How to REROLL Fate/Grand Order (Non-Root)

Ever wanted to reroll Fate/Grand Order but realize that this game doesn't run on Rooted Device, cloned apps, emulators and even stops running if you have Developer options enabled? Well, there is a way to reroll Fate/Grand Order.

Why would you want to reroll? Simple, this game features a gacha system where your odds of obtaining a 5 Star servant will greatly help you out in your adventures in this plot intensive game. No doubt it will make your game much more easier. Although in theory, you only need 3 Star servants to clear the game.

Your first 10 summons is guaranteed to not provide you with a 5 Star servant. Although you can easily gather up another 30 Saint Quartz easily to roll another 10.

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What type of servants you should be looking out for?

4 Stars Servant:

  1. Heracles (One of the best berserkers in the game, even better than a 5 Star Berserker Vlad III
  2. Emiya (Very strong after it gets its strengthening quest - Good for late game content)
  3. Tamamo Cat (A decent Berserker with AOE Noble Phantasm)

4 Stars Servant to reroll:
  1. Siegfried (No question, just reroll him)
  2. Stheno (Decent early game, but nothing very impressive)
  3. Marie Antoinette (Same as above, although if you have Jeanne D' Arc/Tamano Cat, she's still good to have to have as her NP removes Stun from their NP)
  4. Martha (Just reroll)
The rest are decent to have. If you have your personal preferences, they are okay to keep.

5 Stars Servant:
If you were to roll a 5* servant, they are generally quite decent to keep. The worst on the list of 5 Stars is Vlad III but even then he is still considered decent and can carry you till at least mid game. Although if you have Heracles Berserker, Vlad III is kind of obsolete due to him only having 2 Buster cards instead of 3.

If you are serious in looking for the BEST 5 Star Servant, stick to either Jeanne D' Arc (Ruler) or Zhuge Liang (Caster) which is one of the best late game support servant.

How to reroll Fate/Grand Order?

Very simple, all you have to do is tap on 'Data Transfer' once you have done your rolls. Make sure you copy the code from there that binds the account. Unfortunately, as emulators are banned from running the game, you will need an actual android device with Android as its OS.

Method 1: Second Device
  1. Go to My Room
  2. Go to Issue Transfer Number
  3. Type in your Password
  4. Copy your Transfer number
From there, simply transfer that account onto your second device and the account on your device will be wiped. From there you can start afresh.

Method 2: RemixOS on VMWare:

This is the only way you can get Fate/Grand Order to work on PC as you are legitimately installing an Android OS into a Virtual System rather than running on Hardware virtualization.

You can take a look at how you can install RemixOS into VMWare in this video below:

Once you have installed RemixOS on VMWare, you will have a working system on your computer. From there simply install Fate/Grand Order and enjoy player on your PC!

That's all for our reroll guide! Thank you for reading and as per usual, if you would like to obtain unlimited quartz in Fate/Grand Order, don't forget to check out our previous post!
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