[iOS & Android Mod] Clash Royale Unlimited Gems Hack 2017

Hello and welcome back like always! Today we are going to introduce to you a new hack. Or rather an updated version of our hack from the previous Clash Royale Unlimited Gems Hack.

Clash Royale is basically a competitive tower defense game. Basically a spin off game from Clash of Clans with similar game style, it is much more simple in width but crazy in terms of depth. The gameplay is now simply engage and destroy a tower. However, the units as well as the towers deployed ranged and drives deep down in depth... Will elaborate more on this!

Like always, your phone does not need to be rooted in order to access our hack. All you have to do is simply download our Online Granting Tool to access our Clash Royale Online Generator where you can generate unlimited amounts of both Gems and Gold.

If you are interested in our Clash of Clans Hack, do take a look!

Working as of:

Features of our Clash Royale Hack:

  1. Unlimited Gems
  2. Unlimited Gold

Get Access to our Clash Royale Hack:

Introduction to Clash Royale:

Have you always been interested and intrigued by the idea of a real time arena based duel mode battle system where you try to defend your base from enemy attacks while trying to take down your enemy base? Then you might want to check out Clash Royale!

In this game, you both start out with 3 mandatory buildings. Taking down all 3 buildings will mean your victory, if your buildings are destroyed, you will lose. There are two types of tactical layer one is the offense type and the next is the defense type.

For offense layer, you will have to deploy TROOPS. To deploy troops, you will need a type of resource called 'Elixirs'. The more powerful your troop you deploy, the more elixir you will have to spend. Therefore Elixir usage efficiency is extremely important here as it limits what units can be used to attack your opponents. The Elixir is generated continuously and they can be increased with Elixir production Cards.

These cards and troops can be leveled up so they can be more effective in combat. If you were to have extra cards that belongs to the same troop, you can level them up so you can have more HP. You will use Gold to upgrade your cards!

Next is the defense layer. You can invest in towers that serves to protect your buildings. These towers will fire at the troops that tries to get close to your buildings. You will have to upgrade them of course. They will also cost Elixir to spawn, so make sure you balance between the defense and offense nature of your tactics!

Top 3 tips an tricks for Clash Royale:

1. Have a variety of Elixir Cost troops

Basically what you need is a good mix of low cost troops and a mix of high cost troops. Not to mention your troops also need to have a variety in terms of close range and far range as they both have limitations and their own individual weaknesses. Having long range attacks usually means sacrificing HP which means you need either a bunch of low cost troops or one high cost tank troop to help you soak in the damage while your troops fires from a distance.

2. Know what your building cards do!

Some building cards are more effective towards a certain type of unit and certain types of towers provide support benefits as well. Towers like the Barbarian Hub can occasionally add more troops for you in the battle as well. Or maybe the Elixir Collector tower which will occasionally generate elixir for you to use. These support towers can help you turn the tides of battle! Make sure you balance your use of elixirs and plan them out accordingly!

3. Manage your Gold wisely

While it may be extremely tempting to upgrade every single card you have at your disposal, do note that the free flow of early game gold don't last. Make sure you only upgrade those that you know you will use for a long periods of time.

That's all for our Clash Royale Unlimited Gems hack for today! We'll see you again in our next post!
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