[MEGA Guide] Summoners War: Most Efficient Use of Crystals

As they say we all like to get the best bang for our bucks. This is exactly what this article is for. What do you use your hard earned crystals for? Not only that, where are some of the most cost efficient ways to use your crystals while getting the same outcome. We're here to answer that question today!

Without further ado, let's get into the guide.

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If you don't like resorting to using hacks for Summoners War. Not to worry, we'll be walking you through on getting the most use out of your limited crystals in this game.

1. Expand your Monster Box

This is an absolute must. After all, you'll more or less run out of space to store new rare monsters at some point of time. This means you must consider expanding it in order to hold more of them. Otherwise you will just be fusing non-stop. Although if you're a beginner, you probably shouldn't worry about expanding your monster box... yet. About 70 slots is more than ample. However if you find yourself fusing too much even into maxed out units, you might want to consider expanding.

2. Buying the Premium Pack

While it is generally a good idea to summon for simply 75 crystals, especially if you're quite impatient. It is always better to save up for the premium pack because of the value it provides. However, given that the price for it is 750 Crystals, it isn't something everyone can afford as a free to play player. As you'll have to resist the urge to summon by saving up.

This pack, apart from giving you a 3 - 4 Star monster, you'll also obtain 100k Mana, 11 Mystical Scrolls, 1 of each elemental type Angelmon and some fusion material. If you lack a couple of 4 stars, this should be your priority as it provides you with a higher than usual chance to get a 4 star.

Otherwise if you don't mind missing out on Mana and Mystical Scrolls, you can simply opt for the cheaper summon.

3. Crystal Titan

Not exactly the best use of Crystals. However if you think you are going to play Summoners War for the long term, Crystal Titan is actually a decent investment of your crystals as it returns 1 every 8 hours. Which means it will take you roughly 3 months ++ or more exactly: 100 Days to get it all back. Any other crystal you earn after that is essentially a bonus. Crystal Titan should only be considered a decent investment after you have gained a good ground in Summoners War: Sky Arena and definitely not one of your first investments as you have more pressing issues to take care of like getting better higher star monsters and expanding your monster box.

4. Magic Shop Slot

Again, this is another one that should take a backseat till you have reached about mid game. The main reason why you would want to expand the Magic Shop slot is because you want to obtain better runes for you monsters. However, even if you unlock more slots early, it is pointless because you won't get any good ones until you are at least level 30 ++ Not to mention you have other priorities as well such as using Mana to upgrade your monsters. Mana doesn't come easy in this game in the early game and it is only until about late game where you are able to effectively farm for Mana.

That's all for our MEGA Guide for Summoners War today! We'll see you again in the next post!
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