[iOS & Android Mod] Lineage 2 Revolution Hack (Unlimited Diamonds & Adena)

Welcome back to another very hot release game by Netmarble! An Open World MMORPG right on your mobile device!? Holy shit, this game does sound pretty cool and fun, but is it really as fun as everyone thought? Let's give it a roll with a review as well as our hack for Lineage 2 Revolution as well.

Like always, every single one of our hacks and mods does not require your phone to be rooted or jailbroken! It works for all phones, so not to worry and simply have fun!

This game as decent reception thus far and it has quite the hype. Currently it has estimated 1,000,000 - 5,000,000 downloads and installs as well as a current rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. However, is this game deserving the 4.4 stars it got? Let's take a look.

But before that of course, here is our Lineage 2 Revolution Hack!

Working as of:

Features of our Lineage 2 Revolution Hack:

  1. Unlimited Red/Blue Diamonds
  2. Unlimited Adena

Get Access to our Lineage 2 Revolution Hack:

Introduction to Lineage 2 Revolution:

Our introduction here is more or less a first look into this game. From what it seems to be, this game is basically your typical desktop Action Fantasy-esque MMORPG game. When I say this I am not joking. It is quite literally your full blown open world MMORPG game right on your iOS or Android device and this alone is quite an amazing feat. The graphics, sound and animations are all slick and amazing as well. It is quite obvious this game has been a huge gigantic project and we can expect a lot of monetization opportunities for Netmarble. Which in our opinion, has gone a little overboard with. By overboard we not only mean it has a quote unquote 'Pay to Win' gate, but rather its offerings which is honestly speaking quite unique that we'll go over a little later.

Not saying it is necessary bad however, as this is a full blown MMORPG we are talking about that can match up to even desktop MMORPGs. However, on mobile platforms, we are generally more used to having generous gifts of premium currencies which in this case it is quite void of.

Do note that just within a few minutes of gameplay, it is already becoming apparent that this is going to be a VERY VERY Pay to Win MMORPG. Proceed with caution as this game is very addicting and sly with its in-game packages that will really tempt you to spurge real money. Whoever is the psychologist behind this game definitely deserves a promotion.

What can I do with Red/Blue Diamonds?

There are two types of diamonds in this game but they serve more or less the same function. Red Diamonds are diamonds that you can obtain for free either through bundle bonuses, daily diamond logins and etc. Blue Diamonds are diamonds that you can only obtain exclusively by spending real life money. Why the need for segregating them? To make more money of course. Diamonds are generally used to obtain powerful high grade equipment that you can equip on your character for stat bonuses. They are generally the main use for diamonds. You can also spend diamonds on material boxes and more. There are basically a bunch of stuff that you can waste your money on.

If you are interested in your SR Collection of weapons, you can consider this rather odd proposition which you have to pay real money to obtain 1,000 Red Diamonds. However, the remaining rewards are only obtainable if you manage to obtain a SR Equipment part from the boxes. So it is basically spending money to spend more money to obtain rewards. Huh... never would have thought of that.

You can also buy 'Login Diamonds' which is basically you login everyday and obtain a fixed amount of diamonds at the opportunity cost of time investment. It is the only collection package that I recommend if you don't intend on using our Lineage 2 Revolution Hack as it is good to curb your spending sprees XD

There are other collection for sale but honestly speaking, they are basically just an excuse for you to spend more money. Unfortunately, our hack does not come with free iAP as it is an Online Generator. Perhaps we might post an Android APK Modded version in the future.

Cheats, Tips and Tricks for Lineage 2 Revolution

1. Perform all Scroll/Daily/Weekly Quests

These quests will provide you the rewards that will help you out on your journey in this game. The rewards range from gold or Adena in this case to other item rewards. You are highly advised to perform them if you have time.

2. Automatic Farming

Thanks to the power of automatic combat system, you can easily just grind your way to collect monsters while leaving your phone in idle mode.

3. Guild!

Like every other MMORPG there is, if you are truly invested in the game, do consider joining a guild. As joining a guild will grant you access to special fights such as siege fights, guild fights and fortress fights. You can also get support as well from your guild mates too. It is an MMORPG for a reason and the interaction is always important.

That's all for our Lineage 2 Revolution Hack for today! As always we will see you again in our next mod! Good bye!
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