[CHEATS] Crash Arena Turbo Stars Unlimited Gems Tips and Tricks!

Today we'll be covering some really good and useful cheats, tips and tricks for your average beginner at this super awesome casual game Crash Arena Turbo Stars. For those who are just looking in getting into the game, CATS for short is basically a Battlebot game that is purely automated which means it is ultimate a battle of stats that you have no control over.

Golden Tip 1: Use our Crash Arena Turbo Stars Hack! [CATS Hack]

Given that the best upgrades for this game comes from the Super Boxes that offers the best parts and vehicles, it would make sense for it to require gems. So unless you are willing to pay you will definitely hit a roadblock in the Pay to Win scene sooner or later. If you're not willing to pay, your only alternative to quickly earn gems instead of playing rounds is through using our Crash Arena Turbo Stars Unlimited Gems Hack!

We hope you'll enjoy our Crash Arena Turbo Stars Unlimited Gems Hack!

Tip 2: Skills

Skills are extremely important in this game and they can turn the tides of certain battles even if you have the exact same parts as the opponent. Skills themselves are generally just passive upgrades where you can increase the damage your weapons, increase the power, more health more coins and a lot more upgrades. Be sure to spend them wisely! To earn upgrades, you'll need to participate in Championship and rank up. For every rank, you'll earn a point to invest in a upgrade.

Tip 3: Fuse old parts

At the start you will likely be making use of whatever parts you're given to run your little robot. However as you proceed on and your finances becomes better, you can consider looking at various good combination of bots available and try to get them. Once you've gotten them, you can actually fuse all the old parts to your new ones to level them up to gain increased and better stats.

Tip 4: Experiment!

While there are many types of build out there that makes use of parts to make the most optimal robot that is possible. The fun in such games is really trying to make something work even though it might look weird! Besides, if you're playing for fun and not really in it to ascend the rankings, you're already doing just that! Who knows, you might find another optimal viable build that is unique from everyone else just by doing so!

Tip 5: Championships

The way to progress in this game is really by taking part in Championships. By reaching certain stages you will unlock new parts and weapons. If you want to go for higher tier items, the only way to go about doing it is by playing championship. Also there are no repercussions on losing winning streaks, so just have fun and play the Championships!

That's all we have for our CATS or short for Crash Arena Turbo Stars tips and tricks! We'll see you again in another one of our hacks!
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