Top 5 Essential Tips on How to be a better Player at Mobile Legends!

As we have promised earlier this week, here are some tips on how you can become a better player at Mobile Legends if you're just a newcomer to this series! I'll also like to introduce you, if you found us from a search engine, that we have a 'Mobile Legends Unlimited Diamonds Hack' as well! It's not a huge deal in particular as the advantages it gives you are just mainly the ability to unlock heroes without having to grind for points as well as skins. But hey! Certainly a nice thing to have.

Without further ado, let's move onto the tips!

Tip 1: Dailies!

Like every other mobile games, you usually have your daily rewards. If you login for the day, you get 2 chests for free. These chest will usually contain battle points, hero tickets, emblems, magic dust and even experience as well! These chest will refill every 4 hours too, so you can login again 4 hours later to open up another one to maximize your reward.

There are also Medal Chest which will give you better stuff, however you'll need to play some PvP Matches to be able to open it. Their rewards usually contains things like Premium Skin Fragments which can be exchanged for a premium skin for your character if you managed to gather about a hundred of them. 

Tip 2: Minion Waves

If you're a new player, you might not have heard of 'Minion Waves'. However Minion Waves are simply as they say, if you cannot win with might, you win with numbers and that is exactly what this tactic entails. Basically what you want is for your minions to build up overtime which means protecting them. Once they have built up a massive minion wave, they can be used to push a lane and help you siege towers without you being present! It's a good way if you have other things to prioritize in the late game.

Tip 3: The Lords (Turtle and Blue Knight)

As they say every little bonus helps and these are those! If you need more gold, you can fight the turtle or if you require someone to push a lane for you (With your minion waves), defeat the blue knight! Generally in the early game, you won't have much strength to fight against them, but in the late game, every little bonus matters! 

Tip 4: Adventure Mode!

Are you a new player and want to learn more about the game before you start going competitive? No problem, you can try playing adventure and it is recommended for all new players to go through them first. As you'll get to have a feel of gameplay in general as well as your legend's abilities. You'll also fight against bosses and other enemies that will in it of itself serve as a tutorial in practice for your times ahead in getting ready to fight in the PvP Matches.

Tip 5: Communication

Should go without saying, but far too many new players don't really do this. In a teamwork based game like this, communication is absolutely crucial if you want to beat your opponents. If you're playing a public PVP and you do not have anything communication software on you, you can use the preset short phrases that communicate the generic things that you'll say when certain things happen. 

Remember, you're in a team based game with the ultimate goal of destroying your opponent's Nexus, don't be a soloist who only cares about your KD.

That's all for our top 5 tips and tricks for Mobile Legends! We'll see you again soon in our next post!
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