Pixel Gun 3D Review

Hello and welcome to our weekly post article about something... This time we're talking about Pixel Gun 3D again! Yay, because we have something really cool to share with you this weekend for free! Before we dive into our review, here is a screenshot of our account for Pixel Gun 3D.

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Graphics: 7/10

While it is obvious what art direction Pixel Gun 3D is aiming for, it isn't what exactly we're penalizing for it. Rather, the we're referring to the details of both the characters, the scenery as well as the weapons. The pixel art work on the weapons are wonderfully done as well as some of the skins. However, the scenery and atmosphere does leave more details in the pixel work to be desired. The reason why Minecraft doesn't have that much detail per say is partially excusable with its voxel nature. Whereas in this game, it is simply inexcusable.

Music: 7/10

Music doesn't exactly play a huge role in such games, however the soundtrack itself is quite aptly used. It definitely make the game come alive and it is nice to listen to on the ears. Although repeatedly listening to the same few songs is bound to get boring, the adrenaline action provided by this game will more than enough supplant it. So yeah, nothing memorable nor out of place. Simply decent.

Addictiveness & Gameplay: 9/10

In mobile games, it's really the gameplay and the addictiveness of said gameplay that attracts people to play don't you think? The gameplay itself is simple enough without coming as too complicated while it does have quite a few tips and tricks that will require you to master. You can take a look at our Pixel Gun 3D Beginner Guide for more information and tricks as well. The game itself is somewhat Free to play with a bit of pay to win elements in it but not entirely 'in your face' or you have to spend to win kind of game. So it's a good mix with its own set of addictiveness that free to play players like you can look forward to in this game.

Overall: 8/10

Overall a very fun game that you absolutely have to try it out if you have nothing better to do and crave some Minecrafty FPS action on your mobile device. The controls are simple and the tutorial does a good job explaining everything too with its own set of 'Adventure Mode' to give you a good look into the game. Overall, I would recommend it to play who would like to get into a 'fantasy' style kind of FPS game.

That's all from us today! You can expect more reviews like this in the future. So see yall next time!
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