[iOS & Android Mod] Armpit Hero: King of Hell Hack (Unlimited Diamonds)

Armpit Hero Unlimited diamonds hack

This is a... pretty odd game which I believe is quite an understatement. However, we've found ourselves quite addicted to it for a small period of time. Welcome back to another mobile hack/mod for a game called 'Armpit Hero: King of Hell' which is a game with a bit of dungeoning and looks to be like a take on games such as Tap Titans.

Like always, your phone does not need to be jailbroken or rooted. You can simply access our Armpit Hero VIP Hack in the link below. It will be updated all the time so you don't need to worry. We review all of our hacks on a daily basis to ensure they are working.

This game... Oh boy is it addictive and fun as hell even though it is rather strange with a very weird premise. However, as the stats can show, this game is quite popular with around 1 - 5 million downloads on the free version and the VIP Version on 100,000 - 500,000 downloads.

Working as of:

Features of our Armpit Hero VIP Hack:

  1. Unlimited Diamonds

Get Access to our Armpit Hero VIP Hack:

Quick Introduction to Armpit Hero VIP Hack:

Armpit Hero King of Hell Introduction

There is honestly not much to say about this game. The main premise of this game basically means you're a demon child with armpit hair three feet long running around in a auto side scrolling stage based dungeoning type RPG game. Quite a mouthful, but that's how I would describe it in perhaps the simplest terms. The goal of the game is extremely simple, yet extremely effective. 

Basically your demon character here keeps running and automatically attacking monsters to advance stages. Your job is to initiate the occasional special attacks and buy upgrades for your characters so you can deal more damage. Oh, don't be thrilled when your DPS is over a trillion, because at stage 200, that's nowhere near enough to take care of monsters fast enough. So yes, concept wise it is very much like Tap Titans. You upgrade the crap out of your characters to deal more damage and advance stages faster, but as you advance the monsters becomes more powerful, so effectively you come back to square one. 

There is also apparently a multiplayer arena of sorts. But err... where is it XD

What you can do with Diamonds in Armpit Hero VIP?

You can use them for quite a number of things such as Auto-labor, Chest expansion (That sounded kinda wrong XD), buffs, buy soul orbs, buy duel medals and many many more. Basically diamonds are the all in one currency in this game where you can use it to do whatever the hell you want.

Oh and also, if you're using the VIP Version, you'll gain all the VIP Bonus too.

So with that said, thank you and we'll see you again next time!

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