[Android Free IAP] HACK any Games for Unlimited Gems, Crystals, Diamonds etc... (ROOT)

A while ago, we talked about an absolute beginner guide to modding. In this tutorial, you learn how to do very simple things to modify an application file and learning how to sign them. However, in this case, you learn how to buy any thing from a game's in-game store FOR FREE! Which means you can buy diamonds, crystals, gems rubies whatever for free without paying for a single cent!

Though do note that Freedom only works for apps/games that does not have server authentication check apart from Google. Which unfortunately means most popular games such as Clash of Clans, Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem:Heroes and etc is not supported.

However, we do have their Server Based Packet Editing Hack that you can take a look for each game individually if you're interested in hacking for each of these respective games. We also have more too so look around!

However for majority of your relatively unknown games, Freedom is definitely supported! Freedom also works on apps as well that does not have server authentication check.

There is a list which you can refer to to see if Freedom is supported. Do Google it and check it out!

Download Here!

If you would like to check out our modding tutorial, click here! Thank you very much for reading this and we'll see you again in our next post!
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