Top 5 Super Mario Run Tips!

Hi and welcome back to our weekly Wednesday articles featuring games, hacks or more! This time we're talking about Super Mario Run a little more in depth. We have thus far released a ton of hacks as well as our popular World Purchase Sync Feature. Do check them all out! We hope you'll enjoy our Top 5 Super Mario Run Tips and tricks!

1. Use our Super Mario Run Coins Hack

This is perfect for those who hate grinding for coins in Super Mario Run. Play the way you want to play this awesome game and don't let the lack of coins restrict you from doing what you want! Unlike other online Super Mario Run Coins generator, we are the only one who has provided proof that it works and regularly maintained. Check out our Super Mario Run Coins Hack!

2. Jump! Mega Jump!

Everyone knows how to jump in Super Mario Run! However, did you know you can jump even higher by tapping again mid air? To maximize your jump, wait till you have reached maximum height and about to fall, then jump again! Also, did you know that a short tap will only mean a shorter jump? Tap longer to jump higher!

You can also jump higher by landing on an enemy and propelling yourself further!

3. Bubbly Bubbles!

A trademark gameplay feature if you've played all the games in the Super Mario franchise that is related to its platformer! With the bubbles, you can save yourself from falling and fall back to a safer area. Unlike all other previous platform games though, the bubbles here are limited and the only way to earn more of them is by hitting the question mark bricks.

4. Play Toad Rally!

Basically a fix run where you must run from start to end. This is one of the great places where you can earn coins while competing with the other player as well! If you pull off stylish moves, you get something called "Coin Rush" which essentially spawns more coins for you to collect! No reason not to do so! 

To prolong your Coin Rush, simply collect more coins or stomp on enemies and do whatever that contributes to the bar in the first place! This is the best way to maximize coins gain in Toad Rally as the number of times you can play is limited to the number of tickets you have.

5. Question Blocks!

Without question (Pun not intended) you should buy a question block the minute you unlock it and place it in your kingdom. Why? Because you can get a ton of rewards! Tap on the question block to give you extra coins and other items. There are several different boxes, so collect them all.

That's all for our article today! We hope you enjoyed it and we'll see you in our next post!
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