Super Mario Run Review

Nintendo has a long time tradition of always developing games for their own consoles. All the way from their first console the NES system to the very recent Nintendo Switch Console. Which apparently has some launch issues with concerns ranging from the hardware itself to the lack of games in their library. The latter has been improving with more games being added but the former still leave some to be desired.

Anyway, we're not here to review Nintendo's latest Switch console but rather a game that has been ported over to a platform that is for once not theirs. Their first game to ever reside on a mobile platform developed by their own in-house developers are Super Mario Run, followed by Fire Emblem Heroes.

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World Tour:

Perhaps the most direct port and definitely the main feature of this game. By paying a flat fee of $10++ USD, you get to unlock all the worlds and enjoy them like how you would enjoy a typical Mario platformer on Nintendo's device. Except this time it is very much optimized for the mobile device. Unlike other endless runner games, this one is not endless and it definitely ends somewhere like a traditional Mario game. So what do you do once you run out of worlds...?

Super Mario Coin Run:

Perhaps an interesting addition that allows you to farm coins for your kingdom builder. Basically its a platformer puzzle of sorts that you have solve to grab all of the special coins that appears to be out of reach but can be obtainable if you managed to figure out the trick. Not only that, there is also a rewind button for those perfectionist out there who wants to nab every single coin in this mode. This mode is time based which means you're potentially wasting time restarting a round. A very good implementation of a risk reward system.

Online Gripe:

Unfortunately, there is a 'always online' requirement which honestly is kind of bullshit. Sure, for certain things like Super Mario Coin Run as well as the Kingdom Builder it is okay to have online. But for something that you explicitly paid for as well? It's kind of unfair isn't it. It also isn't good news for those who have general poor connectivity. 

That's all for our review this time! We'll see you again in our next one! Goodbye! 

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