[EASY & FAST METHOD] Rerolling Fire Emblem Heroes (NOX Method)

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This way, you won't have to worry about rerolling your heroes as you can continuously summon and summon for unlimited heroes! If you keep on summoning, you'll eventually chance upon the hero you like!

So enough advertising... let's get into the meat of this guide.

Rerolling for Fire Emblem Heroes (Non-Root)

This guide is meant for those who do not have rooted phones and have to resort to downloading 300 MB over and over again just to reroll. This guide will hopefully help you in rerolling without wasting your data or waste time waiting for it to download!


1. Download NOX Player on your computer. (Make sure to use our link)

2. Make sure you've enabled ROOT on your NOX Player.

3. Make sure your Fire Emblem Heroes Account is NOT LINKED to Nintendo.

4. You will also need Root Explorer for this. Make sure you have it installed on NOX Player.

Playing the Game:

Once you've done all that and downloaded Fire Emblem Heroes. From here, you'll preferably want to gather up at least 20 orbs. You can get them reasonably fast as you'll gain 15 from the tutorial, 2 for the log in bonus and 3 from the 1st three missions. This will allow you to summon 5 characters at once, thus increases your odds of getting a 5 Star Rarity Hero.

Rerolling Process:

Once you have finished up your 20 orbs and not satisfied with your summon. All you have to do is:

  1. Open up Root Explorer
  2. Search to Find “com.nintendo.zaba”
  3. Then open that folder
  4. Find "shared_prefs" folder
  5. Delete "deviceAccount.xml"

Bam done! No need to continuously download game data over and over just so you can reroll your account! Now once you're satisfied with your rerolls, all you have to do is link it to your Nintendo account from NOX Player. Then sync it with your android/iOS phone! As easy as that!

Again, if you'll like to support our work, be sure to check out our Fire Emblem Heroes Unlimited Orbs Hack. Thank you for reading! We'll see you again in our next post!
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