[iOS & Android Mod] Astral Stairway Unlimited Energy Cubes and Coins Hack

Hello and welcome to our premium mod of the week Astral Stairway! This game is developed by a Chinese company with the name of: 火狗工房 or Firedog Workhouse if we go by machine translation. It features characters drawn in an anime art style to appeal to anime fans.

Like always, all of our latest hacks will not require your phone to be rooted or jailbroken in order to use. Simply input your username to access our online generator to get unlimited energy cubes and coins for Astral Stairway!

Working as of:

Features of our Astral Stairway Hack:

  1. Unlimited Energy Cubes
  2. Unlimited Coins

Get Access to our Astral Stairway Unlimited Energy Cubes Hack:

What is Astral Stairway Gameplay about?

To put it bluntly, astral stairway is almost similar to Brave Frontier. The plot on this game revolves around you going around worlds to save well... worlds! You are under guidance of Goddess Kala, who will help you to explore the worlds and defeat the greatest evil force!

The gameplay of Astral Stairway is as mentioned very similar to Brave Frontier. You select a dungeon to go into. Then when you start playing, all you have to do is tap on your character portraits to get them to attack. To use special skills, simply tap and slide up.

Astral Stairway has however, a very unique feature called the 'Placement System'. Depending on where you place your characters on the 3 x 3 board, you will be able to gain unique buffs. By placing your characters in the rear, you gain 5% increase in defense. Middle for 5% increase in healing and Vanguard position for increase in attack. Therefore you need to play to their strengths and increase the buff each character will most heavily rely on.

Not to mention each individual character THEMSELVES also have their own specific buff. For example, a character can have a 10% boost to defense on a Vanguard position. So the question here is do you want that extra 10% defense or do you want to place a more offensive character for that 5% boost? That will heavily depend on your situation as it is possible for you to freely reposition your units in battle.

Tips and Tricks for Astral Stairway:

1. Rerolling for 5 Stars
Not interested in using our hack for Astral Stairway Unlimited Energy Cubes? No worries, it is possible for you to obtain 5 stars in the early game. Just make sure your account isn't linked to anything. Do the first few missions to get free summons. With the free summons, try out your luck and see if you can obtain 5 stars. If you can't, no problem! This game has a easy reroll system, simply clear your data and try again. 

Yes, it is a tedious process but it's definitely worth it for the 5 stars as it helps you to clear content a lot faster and easier for more energy cubes.

2. Make sure to add friends!
As usual with such games there is a gifting system available where you friend can send you gifts and also use your friend's unit for battle. It can be extremely helpful to have a good friend early to help you clear content faster.

3. Daily Login Rewards
Needless to be said, daily bonuses are extremely important especially if you don't intend to use our Astral Stairway Unlimited Energy Cubes Hack. With daily bonuses you can obtain premium currency which is their energy cube to enjoy their premium content AKA summoning more characters. 
Make sure to be in game even for matter of seconds so you can claim your daily bonus. As usual, the more consecutive days you log in the better the rewards will be so be sure to log in even if you don't feel like playing for that day!

That's all for our Astral Stairway Unlimited Energy Cubes mod! Be sure to bookmark us for more in the future!
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