[Android Only] One Piece Thousand Storms Mod

Welcome to our next Android Only Mod! This time we're featuring a mod that is not made by us. We hope you will enjoy it! One Piece Thousand Storm is a game that is based on an anime of a same name One Piece! Where it features Monkey D. Luffy and his pals on an ever expanding adventure around the world!

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There are 3 versions of this mod.

Mod Version 1: (Meant for Solo play)
  • Increased Player Heatlh
  • Reduced Enemy Attack
  • Reduced Enemy Health
  • Player Speed x5
  • Max Luck

Mod Version 2: (Group Play Friendly Mod)
  • Reduced Enemy Attack
  • Reduced Enemy Health
  • Max Luck

Mod Version 3:
  • 1 ATK

Check out the mods for this game made by the great people here:

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