[iOS & Android Mod] Super Mario Run Coins Hack (Unlimited Coins)

Welcome to our next post on an awesome game by Nintendo! Super Mario Run! In the past we have posted an article on hacking the iOS Version of Super Mario Run to unlock all the worlds that Nintendo have put behind a $10++ paywall.

Like all of our other games, our Super Mario Run Coins Hack does not require your phone to be rooted or jailbroken to enjoy! Simply use our online generator to give yourself and your account unlimited coins! You can do it for your friends as well1

Working as of:

Features of our Super Mario Unlimited Coins Hack:

  1. Unlimited Coins

Get Access to our Super Mario Unlimited Coins Hack:

What is Super Mario Run about?

Super Mario Run is really what it is! It is a original platformer game from the 3DS all the way to the NES on your mobile phone with much better upgraded graphics! That's why there isn't much to say as the gameplay is not different. What is different however, is the coins aspect as well as multiplayer runs. With coins, you can use it to customize your kingdom by buying different furniture and etc. Some are purely cosmetic but some has some effects. 

The multiplayer is a good aspect, for those who have wanted to play versus which I believe is a new thing, you can now with the mobile version! You simply need the tickets which you can earn everyday!

NOTE: This is only merely a coins generator, if you want to unlock worlds, thus far we have no solution for Android. There is one for the iOS which you can follow the link here. If you would like a World Unlocker for Super Mario Run in Android, you would have to wait a bit :D

Well, that's all for our post today, we will definitely post an update to this game in the future. See you again in our next post! 
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