[DUMMY PROOF Tutorial] How to MOD Android Games - NO ROOT

This series is part of a 3 parter or more on hacking mobile games yourself.

After hacking soo much games such as our most popular hack Clash of Clans, Pixel Gun 3D, Roblox and at one point of time Brave Frontier, we decided to give back a little by teaching you mod some of the simple games. More advanced games such as Brave Frontier, Clash of Clans etc requires more in depth Memory Editing which is generally achievable through Hex Editors and etc. That's why certain games requires apps such as SB Game Hacker or Game Guardian to change values as they modify the memory.

Some even more advance ones, which are the ones we use requires Packet Modification. Our work generally involves modifying the client to send altered unencrypted packets to the server which will return an altered value. However, we have now switched it to Online so both iOS and Android users can enjoy. This is the ONLY WAY to hack Online Games!

If you want more information on how we do it, you can take a look at this article.

If you would like to learn the general gist of packet editing you can try this: WireShark. Make sure you use an Android Emulator for this. Our recommendations are Nox and Memu Android Player.

The 'Hack Android Games' series will be split into 3 parts. The first we will simply deal with how people create modded apks.

Download this suite of software that you will need to get started

Next step what you will want to do is download the APK that you want to modify. We would highly recommend simple Android APPs that store their values in XML Files. For starters you can try simple games such as Flappy Bird.

STEP 3: 
Extract all the files that you currently downloaded. Extract them to the same folder where your APK is stored. So if you stored it in C:\<YOURUSERNAME>\<YOURUSERNAME>\ApkGames, make sure you extract it all there. Make sure you renamed apktool.jar.rar to apktool.jar as it is a JAVA Archive. The reason why it is named 'RAR' is because they work the same way as an ARCHIVE File. Therefore your RAR Archiver can open it.

STEP 4: Modifying your APK File
There are a bunch of things you do. But first things first you will want to DECOMPILE your APK File. Open up your Command Prompt by going into Search and typing "CMD".

Then type this: apktool.bat d <Name of your APK File>.apk
The 'd' here is basically directory or '/' which will direct the BAT file to locate your APK. This is why you will need to place all your extract files at the same folder as your APK. Else you will need to use the 'cd' command to tell Command Prompt where your file is.

Once it has finished decompiling, you can start to check out all of the XML files and find things like where your Gold Value is stored and etc. Explore a bit ;) If you can't do this bit, perhaps modifying APKs isn't exactly your strength.

You can alternatively open the APK file with RAR Archiver. However this is not recommended as you will need to do the next step to sign the said file.

STEP 5: Recompiling
Once you are done modifying whatever you need. Go back to your command prompt and type this:

"apktool.bat b [FilenameofAPK] [ModdedFilenameOfAPK].apk"

For the Modded Filename of APK part you can input whatever you want to call it. Just make sure that your Filename of APK is consistent with the APK file you initially downloaded.

Now you have successfully created an APK, but we are still not done as all Android Apps requires the developer to sign them. Since you are in theory the 'developer' of your own mod, you will need to self-sign it yourself.

STEP 6: Signing your APK
Once you have recompiled your APK, simply cut and paste it on the same folder as 'One Click Signer'. After that simply click on one_click_signer.bat and type your Modded Filename and smash the Enter Key. Once you have done that, the file will be successfully signed.

Congrats! You have successfully created your APK File! 
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