Monster Legends - Unlimited Gems & Gold Hack

Monster Legends Unlimited Gems Hack

Monster Legends, the game that is developed by the same people who made Dragon City! Do check it out as we also have a mod for that. Unfortunately that is only for Android. Not to worry though, Monster Legends is available in both iOS and Android!

Check out our Monster Legends Online Generator below and generate yourself unlimited gems, gold and food!

Because we use an online generator instead of a software or an APK file, it means that your phone DOES NOT need to be ROOTED or JAILBROKEN to enjoy our hack!

Working as of:

Features of our Monster Legends Hack:

  1. Unlimited Gems (Frozen)
  2. Unlimited Gold (Frozen)
  3. Unlimited Food (Frozen)

Access our Monster Legends Hack:

What is Monster Legends about?

Monster Legends Title

Monster Legends is a pretty interesting game where you can raise and collect a bunch of monsters and then use them to battle against other monsters! Each of these monsters that you collect will have their own unique skills which you can use in battles. Not only that, you can also build your very own habitat for these monsters to live in and bring them on quests as well to gain some rewards!

So as mentioned earlier, you get to build your very own habitat as you get yourself your very own remote island! You can use them to build functional structures that allow you to gain more resources and hold more monsters through better habitats. You can also build farms as well which are necessary as they grow food for your monsters! You will also need to upgrade your habitats over time!

Outside of your normal quests and taking good care of your monsters, the main meat of this game is taking your monsters and fight against other monster masters AKA Players. In essence, you will partake in RPG combat action where you fight against the other opponents in a turn-based battle. The more battles you bring your monster, the higher level it will become, allowing you to unlock more skills!

Apart from PVP, there is also this thing called 'Team Wars Challenge' which essentially means 'Guild Wars' in your typical RPG game. Basically before you can participate in one, you will have to join an alliance and build up your team and fight against other teams! By doing this, you can be rewarded with exclusive monsters from the Team Shop.

What can I use my Gems for?

Monster Legends Gems Use

Gems can be used for quite a number of things but they mostly serve to speed up the process such as crops growth so you can get your food faster. A few good places to spend your gems on is Galante where you can get an increased chance for Legendary Monsters. If you hate waiting for the breeding to finish, you can spend them on your Hatchery to finish them or upgrade them (Always upgrade them). You can also use gems to buy yourself Workers who can help you speed up the building process.

That's all for our hack today! Be sure to check out our Monster Legends Unlimited Gems and Gold Hack if you want to give yourself unlimited Gems and gold to speed up the process for this game! Thank you for reading and we'll see you in our next post~!
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