Choices: Stories you Play - Diamonds and Keys Hack

Choices: Stories you Play - Diamonds and Keys Hack

Like plot-driven games? Like games of TellTale nature where you get to enjoy a good story and get to choose your story? Introducing to you: Choices: Stories you Play. So far, this game is pretty good thus far with a very good plot and many choices that will permanently affect your outcome. We will elaborate a bit more on this game later.

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Features of our Choices: Stories you Play:

  1. Unlimited Diamonds (Frozen)
  2. Unlimited Keys (Frozen)

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Editor's Note:

Choices: Stories you Play

A very impressive game indeed. It is not often that a story based game can get into the top grossing list. But from what we have played and gathered, it seems that you will have to spend keys and diamonds to change the outcome of certain events in this game. Which means if you make the wrong choice, it will lead you to a permanent game over - which is very bad. However, we hope that our Choices: Stories you Play Unlimited Diamonds and Keys hack will help you out on that department.

This game is split into 3 stories that you can enjoy on an individual basis. The first is The Freshman Book 1 where your goal here is to find romance. The choices here will matter quite a bit and the story itself is rather heartwarming to say the least. The second story is a Mystery Thriller by the title of 'Most Wanted Book 1'. In this story, your goal is to stop a serial killer from going on a rampage by collecting evidence. This story has a pretty good twist to it, although twists are not the main 'hooker' it weaves well into the story that. Definitely one our favorite stories of them all, or maybe we are not that into romance XD. The last story is The Crown and the Flame Book 1 and the theme here is Fantasy. So basically what happened here is that your empire has been overtaken by a bunch of hostiles who we shall not spoil and your goal is to reclaim your empire by overthrowing your enemies in real battles! Definitely our second favorite. 

Definitely a huge thumbs up from us. Highly recommended game no doubt. Remember, your choices DO matter in influencing the outcome of the game from CHOICE ONE! Thus far Choices: Stories you Play only has 3 stories as of writing and we are definitely looking forward to more in the future.

Choices: Stories you Play have a total of 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 installs thus far on the Google Play Store which is pretty darn impressive and an average star rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars! Great game by the PixelBerry team.

That's all for our Choices: Stories you Play - Diamonds and Keys Hack that gives you unlimited keys and diamonds! We hope to see again in our future posts!
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