[iOS & Android Mod] Pixel Gun 3D Hack (Unlimited Gems and Coins)

Pixel Gun 3D Hack Unlimited Gems and Coins

Welcome to our next mod! This time we are introducing to you 'Pixel Gun 3D' which is basically a very fun FPS game featuring bombastic weapons of literal mass destruction that allows you decimate your opponents. Fundamentally this game isn't too different from your typical FPS except it deviates more towards the fantasy side - like Overwatch - and of course the Minecraft block aesthetics.

As always, your phone does not need to be rooted or jailbroken. Simply activate our Online Generator by clicking on the link below and you'll be able to hack into the game. That's all you need to do!

Working as of:

Features of our Pixel Gun 3D Hack:

  1. Unlimited Gems (Frozen - Never go down/up)
  2. Unlimited Coins

Access our Pixel Gun 3D Hack:

Introduction to Gameplay:

Pixel Gun 3D Hack gameplay

So what is Pixel Gun 3D about? As mentioned in the title screen above, it is basically a massive multiplayer block world survival pocket shooter which is basically your typical multiplayer FPS. This game is quite simple gameplay wise where you basically just shoot people. I mean... what's there to say for gameplay in a game about shooting guns XD While the main meat of this game lies in its Multiplayer FPS with an open chat system, there is also a Singleplayer Campaign which is a rather interesting one for you to explore.

Unlike other multiplayer FPS games, Pixel Gun 3D features a wide array of maps for you to battle in which means you won't be forced to play in the same few maps over and over again as you have over a hundred maps to play according to the Pixel Gun 3D's official website. And there are also tons of guns, accessories and gadgets which will mostly cost you gems to obtain for you to customize your character for unlimited fun and fit into your playstyle! You can also obtain pets in this game for gems that can help you out in battles.

Quick Review:

Certainly a very addictive game if you're into mobile shooter. The wide variety - provided you have the gems - coupled with a rather robust community that may or may not be friendly most of the time, makes this game a good pickup if you're looking for a casual mobile shooter game. The graphics have its niche appeal for those who have a soft spot for minecrafty graphics, the great level of customization makes this game different almost each and every time you play.

We rate this game 8 out of 10.

This game has a very active community with 10,000,000 - 50,000,000 installs and a average star rating of 4.4 Stars out of 5 in Google Play Store. Which is very impressive considering its original release being ages ago and still being able to retain an active community of both old and new players alike. Certainly a good FPS shooter for casual players to get into if you're interested though the PTW aspect might ruin the game a little.

Tips Tricks and Cheats for Pixel Gun 3D!

Pixel Gun 3D gameplay

Pixel Gun 3D has a colorful and vibrant world for you to explore in kill in. So let's get into the tips, tricks and cheats that will help you to enjoy the game so much better!

Tip #1. Play Co-Op Survival for Coins!
If you're new to this game, you will want to go ahead and play Co-Op Survival and keep playing until you have made enough coins to buy the weapons you need. It is very newbie friendly - as this game gates ranked players - so you can slowly learn up the basics of this game while of course getting the satisfaction of killing other players.

Tip #2: Campaign Mode
It is highly recommended if you are a new player, before you even join a co-op survival game that you play the single player campaign mode. The campaign world consists of 3 worlds that you will have to go through, which will introduce you to some basics of the game and allow you to hone your skills before you go live in Co-op matches. It also give you coins, gems reward as well if you complete them. Completing all of them will net you a free weapons that will last FOREVER and this weapon is called 0xBadc0de. While it may be a free weapon, it is still very highly used in matches as it is useful for 'rocket-jumping' - which means aim below you and fire to jump further heights.

Tip #3: Aim for the Head - And move around - Always
Like all FPS games, you will have to aim for the head if you'll like to deal bonus damage. However, that isn't easy when the target is always moving. Which brings to the point - MOVE all the time, don't become a sitting duck for people to headshot you. So yes, if possible, aim for the head. Different weapons will make achieving this aim harder. So if you're going for the head, make sure to get the right weapons!

Gems in Pixel Gun 3D Hack

Pixel Gun 3D Unlimited Gems Hack

Gems are the premium currency for Pixel Gun 3D and they are necessary if you want to have a decent even chance of competing with people at higher rank. Gems allows you to obtain better weapons, accessories, pets and gadgets which are completely gem exclusive apart from a frag grenade. So with unlimited gems, you will be able to outfit yourself with the best weapons, accessories, pets and gadgets and have a good even chance at competing with other people with similar skill levels.

That's all for our Pixel Gun 3D Hack! As usual, we would to thank you for all the support thus far and we'll continue to make more mods in the future!
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