[UNIQUE] Fate/Grand Order Hack - Unlimited Saint Quartz

This we're going to be introducing a little bit niche kind of game but nevertheless very popular among players worldwide despite it being not localized in English or any other language for that matter. We introduce to you Fate/Grand Order Hack which is based on the famous Visual Novel Fate/Stay Night.


Like always, your phone does not need to be rooted in order to play our Fate/Grand Order hack which is a modded client that we have designed to specifically cheat the game to give us 999,999 Quartz. We hope you will enjoy this pretty story heavy RPG game!

We are the first to ever provide a WORKING Saint Quartz hack for Fate/Grand Order ever since during the Japanese Version launch of the game.

UPDATE: It's now working for the ENGLISH VERSION! Enjoy!

Working as of:

Features of our Fate/Grand Order Hack:

  1. Unlimited Saint Quartz (Frozen value, never go up or down)

Download our Fate/Grand Order Hack:

What is this game about?

Fate/Grand Order Gameplay

Perhaps the most plot heavy game we have ever played in our lives. If you're not interested in being treated to lengthy cutscenes on how the plot unfolds - near visual novel lengths, then this game might not interest you very much. The plot of this game is almost as good as various actual novels but being told in story format which goes to show how plot heavy this game is. Gameplay wise is only a little step behind the lore and plot of the game but that is still saying something.

Much of the game's depth will revolve you travelling around killing mobs and enemies and bosses as well. Each of the characters or servants from various historical origins that you summon will have their own unique 'Noble Phantasms' which is basically an ultimate attack of sorts that resemble their original historical lore. A good example is Arthur Pendragon,  whose Noble Phantasm attack involves using an 'Excalibur' and Medusa, with its skill involves using eyes to freeze people into stone.

All in all, if you're in for a good plot and story, Fate/Grand Order is a great game to get into. Though given that it is in Japanese, many English players like ourselves are getting turned off because we have to rely on translations to understand what the hell is going on. We can only hope for a localization.

Trivia: Fate/Grand Order ranks number 2 WORLDWIDE in Google Play Store's Top Grossing category. Despite not being localized.

Saint Quartz in Fate/Grand Order Hack

Fate/Grand Order Saint Quartz Summoning
On the left is Jack the Ripper and on the right is Nero Claudius - Gender Bend version :p
Saint Quartz are the premium currency or rather resource as the game terms it based on translation. There are a couple of uses for Saint Quartz such as reviving Gain 100% of your available maximum AP or if you're defeated in battle with the condition of 2 or fewer command spells available, you can revive your party back to full health and 100% NP (Noble Phantasm).

Those are mainly the miscellaneous uses of Saint Quartz but the main one here is the ability to summon new Servants in this game or craft essences. This game also features Saint Quartz Fragments which if you gathered enough you'll be able to obtain 1 Saint Quartz. Summoning one time cost 3 SQ and summoning 10 times cost you 30 SQ.

You can only obtain Saint Quartz for free through in-game means these ways:

  1. Logging in daily
  2. Completing quests
  3. Event rewards
  4. Exchanging Saint Quartz Fragments
  5. Maintenance compensation
  6. Special occasions determined by game administration

That's all for our Fate/Grand Order hack! We hope you enjoyed our Modded game and we will see you again in our next post!
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