[Android Mod] Pocket Maplestory Mod (Unlimited Mesos, Candy and VIP 20)

Pocket Maplestory! A fun MMO that is sized down to a mobile version. It is pretty evident that the main game is in its decline stage. So perhaps as a way to prevent that, they've released a mobile version, similar to the story of Grand chase.

I'll be talking about some aspects of Pocket Maplestory later as well and how our mod for unlimited Mesos and Candies can help you achieve your goals in this game much easier and faster. Like all of our other mods, your phone does not need to be rooted but you'll have to uninstall your current installed Pocket Maplestory client and install our modded version.

Working as of:

Features of our Pocket Maplestory Mod:

  1. Unlimited Mesos
  2. Unlimited Candies
  3. VIP Level 20

Download our Pocket Maplestory Mod:




What is this game: Pocket Maplestory about?

Pocket Maplestory is perhaps their attempt to create a Maplestory on a mobile device. It features the exact same zone-based world where they are filled with monsters that you can fight, level and earn mesos from that you can use to purchase better weapons and crafting as well. This game contains anime inspired 2D characters, features 3 characters mainly Demon Avenger, Angelic Buster and a dual blade class.  Apart from your world, there are also dungeons that you can take a party of 3 people to explore and obtain great rewards from!


One of the big part of Maplestory is questing. There are 2 types of quests mainly your character-based story quests as well as your normal quest much like the original Maplestory game. Completing quest nets you rewards as well as EXP Or Experience points that you can use to level up to become stronger and be able to wield more powerful armor and weapons.

Leveling up in this game also nets you skill points very similar to the main game where you can customise your character, in this case demon slayer to the type of demon slayer we want it to be. There's the grind build, max damage output build, boss build and more. You can take some time to search for them as there are plenty of skill build guides out there!


Dungeons are an integral part of the game and in order to advance on your gear, you'll have to complete dungeons with up to 3 people and the only place where you can actually party with people. In order to enter the dungeon, you'll have to approach either a Dimensional Mirror or an Advanced Dimensional Mirror that costs 2k and 30k Mesos respectively. When the server resets, you'll get back your FREE 12 Mirrors, as in REFILL back to 12 uses. So if you have more, you won't gain an additional 12 and if you've 8 Free Mirrors, it'll be refilled back to 12 uses.

There are a total of 3 types of dungeons in this game and some does not exist yet as of writing.

Normal Dungeons:

These dungeons are usually found scattered throughout the world of Maplestory and their map layout correspond with the main town that you're in for example for Perion you'll encounter Stumpy in this dungeon. These Dungeons offers you crafting recipes that we'll get to later, Magical Gears as well as the all important Spirit Stones. While normal mobs can also drop them, mobs in dungeons drop them at a higher rate.

Unless you're overpowered on gear and levels, it is advisable to at least bring SOMEONE to a dungeon to help you clear it faster.

Special Dungeons:

Special Dungeons are basically your Limited Edition kind of dungeons that are only made available at specific times of the day.

  1. Time Dungeons - (Not available yet, but they are dungeons only available at specific times of day)
  2. Sudden Dungeons (Dungeons that appear randomly for a specific amount of time. They come in several difficulties)
  3. Event Dungeons (Self-explanatory)

Guild Dungeons:

  1. New Guild Member Training Group
  2. Guild Fortress of Honor
  3. Guild Treasury
  4. Secret Chamber of the Fortress

It should also be noted that if you're in a guild, mobs will also drop something called Mark of Honor. Basically what it does is that it can be used to level up your guild currently for ranking purposes only.


Crafting is perhaps the most important part of this game as it is the only avenue that you can use to craft your 'ultimate gear' and basically gears that are better than normal. You'll be spending quite a fair bit of time farming for spirit stones and crafting recipes in order to craft some of the most powerful equipment in this game.

Items are separated into different rarities as you can see from the list below:

  1. Normal (White) – No Option Stats
  2. Magic (Blue) – 1 Option Stats
  3. Rare (Purple) – 2 Option Stats
  4. Unique (Red) – 3 Option Stats
  5. Legend (Gold) – 4 Option Stats

Option stats are short form for optional stats basically crafting a gear of legend gear for example will give you additional stats as compared to your normal variant of the equipment.

In the early game, normal gears are just fine. However, on higher levels, you'll start to encounter better and rarer gears such as your blue gear in for example your Level 51 Magatia dungeon. 

For extremely high level equipment (Lvl 130+) with the highest tier rank, you'll have to use the game's Super Premium Capsule Machine (Weapon, Armor, Accessory) which you can spend Candies in acquiring them. However, they drop at an EXTREMELY low rate that usually it is simply not worth it to waste money on them. 

You'll be better off crafting your way to legendary or using Cubes to increase the optional stats for your equipment.


On the subject of cubes, this game as of writing provides two cubes: Miracle Cubes and Chaos Cubes. The miracle cubes provides additional option stats and chaos cubes reset those stats if you don't like them. Similar to the main game except in the main game you use glasses and miracle cubes to reset them instead.

Since they are paid content AKA Candies, and provided in sparse amounts you're best using them on equipment marked with common i.e your accessories such as your rings, cloaks, belts, and earrings. However, with our unlimited candies, there is simply no limit to how many times you can cube to obtain the equipment with the best stats available!

What can I do with Unlimited Candies?

Quite a lot actually. With unlimited Candies at your disposal, you can:

Special/Instant Resurrection: 

If you die, you normally lose 10% of your EXP and Mesos which is a pretty harsh punishment, but with Instant Resurrection, you won't lose out on anything and a special resurrection not only negates the penalty, BUT it also grants you additional stats and another 15 Power Elixirs! 

Create a Guild:

Self Explanatory


Cubing, similar to the main game, is a purely paid content. So by having unlimited candies, you can continuously buy cubes to optimize your equipment to the best of their potential.

Super Premium Capsule Machine:

You can only obtain some of the game's most powerful equipment through this capsule machine.


You can 'rent' pets for candies and they provide a certain effect that can help you in your gameplay such as auto HP/MP potion use, HP/MP Steal, attack boost, debuff resist and more. They are nothing more than extras but still good assistance nonetheless.


Mounts are generally useless as they only offer speed, defence and jump boosts. But they still look cool if you have money to spend OR if you have our Unlimited Candy mod!


Overall this pocket edition offers a solid experience of Maplestory's core gameplay and while it is nowhere near the level of items and bosses the main game has to offer. We think this games still has ways to go before it becomes a really good game - assuming it last long enough - We hope you enjoyed both our post and our Unlimited Mesos, Candy and VIP 20 Pocket Maplestory Mod and we'll see you in our next mod!

Download our Pocket Maplestory Mod:

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