Game of War: Fire Age Hack 2017 [Unlimited Gold & Resources]

Game of War: Fire Age, a game that features town building, conquering and a bunch other interesting gameplay mechanics that sadly, is slowly becoming more and more paid to win. Want to be a king in this game? Shell out a few thousand then we'll talk about it. Of course, that's the main reason why this mod exist, to let you enjoy everything Game Of War: Fire Age has to offer without having to spend a dime.

With so much said, let's get to the features. As usual, your phone does not need to be rooted in order to use our mod.

Your Phone does not need to be rooted or Jailbroken to access our Game of War: Fire Age Hack!

Working as of:

Features of our Game of War: Fire Age Mod

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Chips
  3. Unlimited Stone
  4. Unlimited Wood
  5. Unlimited Ore
  6. Unlimited Silver

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What is Game of War: Fire Age all about?

One of the biggest reasons why Game of War: Fire Age is so popular is simply because it is actually a REAL TIME WAR GAME. Yep, that means you can be sleeping and wake up the next day to see your city being sieged or your hero being captured. You can also make alliances with people from all around the world regardless of your race and have fun with the in game world of Game of War. 

Much of the main game objective of Game of War: Fire Age is basically War. You fight for land, you join alliances to fight together for land while making sure your own city can protect itself when opponents decide to invade your city. Fun in concept and certainly fun in reality were it not ruined by IAP just like real wars.

Game play Mechanics:

While featuring a simple premise of kill or be killed or pay real money, its mechanics are pretty in depth in terms of how real war actually work. - At least in medieval times. 


One of the biggest feature that all new players must take note is the existence of Alliances. Alliances are mandatory especially for new players if they want to gain rapport from allies early on as well as gain access to items from the alliance shop. However, in order to buy items, you'll have to earn something they call 'Loyalty Points'. 

Loyalty Points:

Loyalty points can be gained through performing various alliance quests as well as VIP Quests. However, more items can only be unlocked overtime if your Alliance is of high enough level which can take quite a bit of time especially if you're new to the game.


However, if for whatever reason, you managed to join a high level powerful alliance, your chances of progressing through the game without paying a dime actually speeds up by a lot. One of the main reasons is because when someone in your alliances use real money to buy gold, you'll get a free gift. Of course not everyone buys gold, so an alternative to getting free gifts is if someone within your alliance slayed a monster. These gifts that you obtain can greatly boost your progress and level up much faster.


Perhaps one of the biggest reason why you need to have an alliance early on is for your own security sake. Unless you're one of those players who pays regularly to become a powerful player, you'll most certainly be raided and attacked by other players and alliances on QUITE a regular basis. Result of that is having your own resources looted, armies ruthlessly murdered then proceed to smash your phone/computer if you're using an emulator into millions of pieces before rage quitting.

With an Alliance, you get to build your very own embassy where you can store troops from other players that can enhance your army count. In case you're attacked, you not only have your own army for support, but also army from your alliance as well, making you a much more formidable foe.

Conversely, you can also summon armies by tapping into the alliance's resources in the hall of war. You can then combine both your army and your alliance's army and use them to take out stronger enemies. It becomes nearly an integral feature of the game when everyone will have support from alliances so you can only stand to lose if you don't join one as early as possible.


Many aspects of your strategy as well as your resources will solely depend on how you want to prioritize your buildings. Buildings are necessary to heal all of your wounded troops, train your troops, discover new technologies through researching. Researching is one of the most important aspects of the game and you'll need to perform research if you want to advance in the game.


Through research, you'll slowly unlock new troops that opens up new war strategy for attacking the opponents, traps that serves the purpose of defending your own base as well as hero buffs that can make your armies more powerful. An academy is required before you can do your research. Research is absolutely necessary to increase your overall firepower so you can compete with other people of the same level, unless they buy gold or use this unlimited gold mod.

Not only does it boost your firepower, but it also improves your efficiency in playing this game. The time taken to construct new buildings and gathering time takes less time to complete. You can also increase resources production, allowing you to build more things and research more things.

You have many other buildings such as barracks, which are necessary for you to train your troops. Hospitals are necessary to heal your troops, an all important building called the embassy that we've discussed earlier. The embassy allows you to store up to 5000 when you first got it, but it can be upgraded to hold a MILLION TROOPS! Yes, A MILLION FUCKING TROOPS! No one will ever dare to approach your city again.


Basically a place where you can earn rewards through spending chips. There are various prizes that can be won and you have a free daily spin that you can use to try your luck. Apart from that, there is also a 'High Roller' mode which if you were to activate it, increases the award by 11 times - IF WON.

Armies & Heroes

One of the more interesting aspect of this game is the heroes. When you first start the game, you get to choose a hero. Every hero that you get to choose has their own powers that you can upgrade to increase their power. Heroes can also provide a buff in your army to increase their combat potential. 

On the flipside...

If you lose a battle, your hero will be captured by your opponent if they have a prison present their city. If your hero is captured by your opponent, you'll be notified from the bars that are present over the hero's portrait. If you're a new player whose level is between 10 to 15, don't worry! The game is kind enough to only allow your opponent to detain your hero for a limited time so you won't lose it. 

If your abductor has an altar, good luck, because if they want and most certainly they will, execute your hero only after a certain period of time. After executing, you can opt to revive it or buy a new hero which unfortunately you'll have to 'train' again. If the opponent executes your hero, they gain an attack, defense, health and speed boost and the same goes for you if you perform the above action.

Why a need for a 'certain period of time' before you can execute? Simple, you can actually free your hero by sending a troop to the city that captured your hero. Of course, expect resistance. If you don't want to shed blood and have plenty of silver coins, you can set a bounty to have your beloved hero freed. Players who accept your bounty will attempt to free your hero and if they succeed, you'll pay them the silver coins you promised in your bounty.

What can you do with Gold? Game of War: Fire Age's Premium Currency?

Literally the one thing that separates the good from the best. you can do a lot of things with gold such as speeding up your building, your research, and many more. Some of the more notable ones include buying yourself VIP for 30 days with 4000 gold. Basically what this does is the amount of quest that you get will double and it also allows you to auto-complete them, saving you a LOT of time. Apart from that, it also gives you quite a bit of bonuses. Not only that, if you ever acquire any Alliances Chances or Daily Chances, you can easily auto-complete them as well. This way, you can level up your hero at a much faster pace than you normally would.

Other things you can buy include Equipment Bag that offers you 4 additional crafting slots where you can use to store all of your crafting materials. Upgrade your Gold Mine through buying the Gold Pickaxe, torch that literally allows you to destroy a building in an instance. Master's Hammer that allows you to build a level 21 building. Advanced Speed Up chest that allows you to speed up building levels, speed up research and even create more troops!

You can also buy Sacrificial Dagger, Iron Shackle, Book of War to upgrade your Altar, Prison and your Hall of War with the associated benefits that I've already outlined above in their respective sections.

Gold plays a huge role in this game and people with an abundance of them will certainly become 'King' in the Game of War: Fire Age.


Ultimately a waiting game, but while waiting you might have to fend yourself from other players who seek to siege your city and stealing every last resource you own. If you have money to spend for some enjoyment, this game might be for you. Or if you're like us, just mod your way to the top! With this mod that gives you unlimited Gold and Resources, you'll never have to worry, running out of them and you can play the game at a pace propelled by caffeine. 

We hope you enjoyed our mod and we'll see you next time!

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