[Android & iOS Mod] Vainglory Mod [Unlimited Glory and ICE]

VainGlory, the game that more or less destroyed my social life. Well not really, but it is an extremely fun and addictive game that we think everyone should give it a go. Whether you're a fan of MOBA or not. With our unlimited Glory and ICE, you can have a great blast playing this game since you can buy literally every single character and some other goodies as well.

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VainGlory Mod Features:

  1. Unlimited Glory
  2. Unlimited ICE

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What is this game about?

VainGlory is a MOBA game that is developed by Super Evil Mega Corp. To those who don’t know the term ‘MOBA’ it refers to “Multiplayer Online Battle arena” similar to games such as your DOTA or say League of legends, quoting some of the more popular RTS MOBAs.

Graphics of VainGlory:

On first look, the graphics looks beautiful and it seems to run great on our phones. The stunning animations of the characters and the beautiful art certainly adds to the gameplay experience and the thrill of defeating an opponent.

Strategy layer of VainGlory

Instead of talking about the story because this game essentially have no story because it is a MOBA game, we’ll be talking about the strategic elements of the game and how VainGlory introduces new players to them. VainGlory certainly tries to be as faithful as possible to its brothers mainly Dota and League of legends on the tactical level however nowhere nearly as complicated as DOTA or League of legends due to the fact this is a mobile game. Compare a match of Vainglory to a match of say DOTA for example and you can see that finishing a match on VainGlory is much faster because unlike its predecessors VainGlory only features One Main Lane and a ‘Jungle’ for creep farming purposes as compared to the other game’s 3 lanes.

Similarly to the other games, you also have creeps to farm your gold and experience on so you can buy better items and level up as fast as possible. You can also gain Minion bonuses or gain a constant supply of gold by targeting the gold mine. All these will help towards increasing your overall chance of victory. So there’s the main strategy layer of the game, how you can target these ‘bonuses’ to tilt the tides in your favor in order to beat your enemy.

MOBAs in general have a steep learning curve especially if you don’t have friends to teach you how to play. So MOBAs in general try to make it a point to give good tutorials so you can slowly pick up the essential skills needed to even play the game. This is one point we thought VainGlory does well. VainGlory keeps its tutorials short and straight to the point while introducing players to the various aspects of the game. After the introduction is done, you’ll immediately get to try a ‘challenge’ which is to collect as much gold as you possibly can based on what you’ve learned thus far.

Similarly to other MOBAs, this game also features bots challenges with varying difficulty levels. It is a good place to test out your skills before pitting yourself against other players. Thanks to its simplicity in gameplay such as having only 1 lane, VainGlory can be a good pickup for players new to the MOBA type games in general even though it is a mobile game. Experienced players should have no problems playing given that it is tactically similar to other games such as League of Legends and DOTA. All it really comes down is getting used to playing on a smaller screen on a mobile device.

What can you do with VainGlory's ICE?

One of the uses of ICE AKA VainGlory’s premium currency is that it allows you to buy the characters that you want. New characters are always introduced and you might find new characters that fit into your playstyle. Without it you’ll be stuck playing with the default and whatever the roster gives you. Yes, this game has a roster of characters that rotates around. However, in order to play with the character that best fits your playstyle, you’ll need to shell out some cash to buy ICE (Not a drug :p) in order to obtain the characters you want. However, with our unlimited ICE Mod, you’ll never have to worry about being unable to play with your favourite characters! 

Strengths of VainGlory:

Perhaps one of the greatest strengths VainGlory has over other games or weakness depending on how you see it is the lack of ‘communication’. In this game you can’t type your response to an event rather you’ll have to use VainGlory’s pre-defined messages to respond to an event. It maybe helpful for some of the more general cases, however it won’t help against some more ‘specific’ instructions. Another good thing about pre-defined messages is that it kinda eliminates flaming. Making this game all the more newbie friendly. Sure you can scream and shout at your phone over the player’s stupidity, but none of it will get through apart from mass spamming a pre-defined message in hopes this player will get what you’re saying. 

In Conclusion:

All in all, VainGlory is a rock solid MOBA experience for both new and experienced players alike. In my opinion, this game is so much more fun if played with actual friends. There’s nothing quite like a bonding session with friends playing a game of DOTA 2, or Vainglory in this case. The characters in this game are offered on a rostered basis which means it is kind of a try before you buy. But with our unlimited VainGlory unlimited ICE mod, you’ll never worry about having a lack of characters to play or unable to play your favourite character that best fit your style of play. This game is also very F2P as apart from characters, there is really no reason to buy their in game premium currency ICE.

We hope you enjoyed our review and our VainGlory Unlimited Ice and Glory mod and we’ll see you in our next mod! Have fun!
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