Clash of Clans 2017 MEGA Hack/Mod (Unlimited Gems, Gold, Dark Elixir, Elixir)

Hi! Welcome to our new rendition of Clash of Clans 2016 Mod! This time instead of only hacking gems, we've also added unlimited gold, elixir and dark elixir to the mix! Allowing you to able to create unlimited units for battle against your foe and be the best clasher!

If you are interested in Clash Royale, which is another game by Supercell which is a spin off of Clash of Clans. You can take a look at our Clash Royale Unlimited Gems hack here!

Our Online Generator is finally ready!

Our Clash of Clans APK Mod does not require your phone to be rooted. But you might have to uninstall the current version of Clash of Clans on your phone in order to install this due to a signature clash. If you're rooted and patched your android, then you can just install our mod over the original game.

Or alternatively, if you do not want to go through that hassle, simply use our Online Generator to generate yourself the amount of gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems!

IT WORKS ON iOS and Android!

Working as of:

Method 1: Online Generator

  1. Unlimited Gems
  2. Unlimited Gold
  3. Unlimited Elixir
  4. Unlimited Dark Elixir

Method 2: APK Modding

As usual, our APK Mod offers more versatility and features compared to what our online generator has to offer.

  1. Unlimited Gems
  2. Unlimited Dark Elixir
  3. Unlimited Elixir
  4. Unlimited Gold
  5. Ignores Gems, Dark Elixir, Elixir and Gold Maximum Count (So you can keep earning unlike the Online Generator where you cannot earn anymore resources if you generate more than the maximum count)
  6. Does not cost Gold to raid
  7. Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir and Gems Filtering (Town Hall Level) (By tapping search, the process will automatically search for a suitable target for you to raid. So you don't have to keep tapping. It WILL ALWAYS find the best loot that matches your town hall's level so you won't suffer loot penalty.)
  8. Units are built instantly.
  9. Shields always On (The mod will automatically spend gems to grant you a shield. - Can only be activated if your game is on, so check back often.)

Download our Clash of Clans 2016 Mega Mod

What is this game about?

Clash of Clans is a Tower Defence/Tower Offense game where you build your base to defend against intruders who will want to raid your little town. While building out your base to increase the defence of your base, you'll also want to concentrate on the offense side of things of building things that can increase your gold limit, elixir limit and many more.

Strategy layer of Clash of Clans:

Clash of Clans is an interesting take on the tower defense genre in general. Instead of your usual single player games where you build turrets to defend enemy invasion that comes in waves that usually follows a fixed path. Clash of Clans however, twisted that formula to allow attacks from all sides which means you'll need to consider how you'll want your base to be built in order to defend reliably on all sides. 

Clash of Clans gives you more or less the tools you need to counter almost all enemy types. However, it is near impossible for you to create the 'perfect' base because you're heavily limited on resources such as your gold and elixir and upgrading your base takes up a lot of time. - Especially in the early game.  If you lost, you'll have to spend time repairing them before you can continue the timer in order to upgrade them which makes this game extremely time consuming especially if you're the type who likes to rush.

On the flip side, your opponents who are attacking your base are also equally limited on resources thus won't have to necessary Elixir and troops to launch a full-scale war against you. So you can still reliably defend your base as long as your turret placement are good. The layer of complexity is also minimal, allowing you to slowly learn the tactics of the game before you level and let it scale up to units that are airborne and can ignore your fences.

Thanks to a Town Hall Level Penalty which reduces the loot gained by percentages directly proportional to the difference in levels, low level players don't have to worry about high level players invading their town, create a form of balance.

However, with our mod, you can easily decimate other player's base without much worry. Because you can easily generate 'unlimited' - limited by housing space - units, even higher level players have trouble against players who uses our mods.

Unit Types:

Clash of Clans generally offers a wide variety of units. They are classed into two categories mainly units from the Barracks and units from the Dark Barracks. As implied, units from Barracks requires Elixir to produce whereas Dark Barracks require Dark Elixir to produce. At certain point of time in mid-game when your town hall reaches level 7, you can start producing units from the Dark Barracks.

Even though you only get Dark Barracks unit around mid-end game (Town Hall level 7), their usefulness is roughly as much as your individual units in your normal barracks. However, they spice up the play a little as well as the way you will need to go about defending your bases. 

Many of these units will have weaknesses towards certain towers so make sure you keep them in mind while you're building them. Make sure your base is primed and prepared for the new incoming units from the Dark Barracks that can potentially invade you from time to time. A good base layout is essential for survival.

Clan Castle

One of the most important defensive structures in the game is the clan castle which typically stores units that are donated from your clan members. Given that units can clash of clans deal a heck load more damage as compared to your immobile turrets, they are considered the most important and vital structure to repel attacks especially in late game. 

Because you can only obtain units from clan donations for use in clan castle, it increases the need to join a clan, just so you can enjoy such benefits. You can also donate units to other players within your clan and you can gain a small amount of experience for it.

Uses of Gems, gold, Dark Elixir and Elixir

All of these resources have an equal heavy amount of uses. Gold can allow you to upgrade all of your fences, towers and more. Elixir and Dark Elixir for unit production and gems for your builders and speeding the process as well as purchase shields for protection. With our mod that gives you an unlimited amount of resources, you can easily play around with your base and decimate your opponent with some of the most expensive attacks you can imagine XD

We hope you enjoyed our little article on clash of clans and we'll see you at our next mod~!
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