[Android Mod] Brave Frontier MEGA Mod 2017 [Unlimited Zel, Karma, Gems & MORE]

Brave Frontier APK Mod Unlimited Gems

Our Brave Frontier Online Generator Mod Tool has been updated! While we regularly update all of our mods, this is a major upgrade of our mods that we feel you should be informed. While the interface of the mod did not change, we've updated the backend system to the latest version.

Working as of:

Method 1: Online Mod Features:

  1. Unlimited Gems (500 is within non-ban range - Try not to generate more)
  2. Unlimited Zel
  3. Unlimited Karma

Method 2: APK Modding

Yes! We've brought back our APK Mod. This time we've added a lot more features to offer compared to our online mod.

  1. Sphere Frog and Imp Dungeons unlocked
  2. God, Jewel and Imp dungeons does not require a key
  3. All items in the Merit shop only cost 1 MERIT POINT
  4. Overdrive Gauge always FULL ('Unlimited UBB')
  5. Challenge Arena God Mode
  6. Fixed 500 Gems, it will not decrease NOR increase
  7. Fixed 9 Billion Zel and Karma (For some reason BF does not ban)
  8. All quests and Trials only require 1 energy
  9. Unlimited Battle Items (You'll need at least 1 of them)
  10. Raid Boss INSTANT KILL (If you want to target a specific body part, USE ONE UNIT to attack that one body part through Brave Frontier's Unit Targeting - Also make sure it is not AOE.)
  11. Always 5* for Raid Contribution so you have higher drop rates for raid item (Only applies if you're playing Raid solo)
  12. Frontier Hunter 'Mod Reset' - All of the above mods will not apply specifically in Frontier Hunter so you wouldn't be banned even if you're using this mod.
  13. Lazy Mode (Automated Quest farming)
  14. Instant Quest complete Loot + Capture (Allows you to INSTANTLY complete a quest by tapping the Dragon image through pausing the screen, you can also grab loot items and units as well. - Trials, Raid and Grand Quest does NOT APPLY)

As usual, all of our mods DOES NOT require your phone to be rooted in order to use.

Access Both our Online Generator and Mod:

What is this game about?

Brave Frontier is an RPG Game developed by Alim and is still going strong 3 years after its inception. Compared to the last time we've made an update on this game, it has already added a whole lot more units, content as well as a new game mode: Challenge Arena.

What are some uses of gems?

Many uses. You can use gems to summon new units. That is the main draw for their 'premium currency' gems. You can also use gems to revive dead units in quest dungeons although usually not necessary unless you're playing Vortex Dungeons, but unfortunately not all dungeons allow you to 'revive'. You can also use gems to restore energy to farm more quest, vortex dungeons, refill arena orbs and refill raid battle orbs. You can also use gems to increase your item and unit inventory so you can store more items and units. You can also use gems to revive dead units in challenge arena.

However if you're a free to play player you would most likely save gems purely on summoning purposes rather than the above uses. Well, with our Brave Frontier Gems generator, you can easily make full use of your energy and orbs to farm for evolution materials, complete quests to find out more about the story and farm for raid battle materials! 

You can also expand your unit inventory to hold more units so you can have a complete collection and unlimited item inventory to hold all of your raid items and spheres!

How do you earn gems in this game through normal means?

MANY WAYS! This is one of the more generous games that don't actually require you to pay in order to win. Which is why a lot of people loved this game. Depending on the generosity, they can occasionally pop gems into your account, you can get them through completing quests, leveling up a raid class completing certain vortex dungeons, completing trials, completing grand quests, completing frontier hunter, daily login rewards, level up rewards, arena... did I mentioned them all? 

Yes there are many ways to earn gems in this game. Such that it is to the point where even a n average player can compete with someone who is a P2W player and aren't too disadvantaged.

Brave Frontier Review:


Like many RPG games, their main 'gameplay' focuses around the plot. Brave Frontier is no exception. We are quite pleasantly surprised by the plot this game has to offer. Even though it's a little cheesy and cliche at times, it felt 'original' in the sense that not many RPG Games, especially mobile Free-to-Play games offer this level of content in terms of plot. Hats off to the original game developer.

Much like Dark Souls, most of their 'lore' is hidden behind the units you pull from the summon gate with Gems which is Brave Frontier's Premium Currency that we generate. Their lore are also hidden behind items as you can read from their description. If you're very into the lore of the game, you can have a read at the description you got from your units. 

Brave Frontier has an ever expanding plot that surprisingly (Or not) contains a couple of plot twists along the way. Which made it interesting and not so boring to complete their quest mode. You'll also gain 1 gem for completing a section.


Unlike many other games, Brave Frontier has a great collection of soundtracks that you can kind of listen to for ages. They have also done a collaboration with Deemo to feature some of their soundtracks on Deemo. Many games usually don't really bother about their soundtracks which is understandable due to size limitation of a mobile game. Even Brave Frontier uses 30 seconds - 1 minute loop music with exception of final boss music to save space. But regardless it has a great assortment of music that you won't get bored with easily.


Gameplay for Brave Frontier is relatively simplified. Swipe up for Brave Burst (BB), Swipe North east for SBB (Super Brave Burst), Swipe left for Overdrive when your overdrive gauge is full so you can use your UBB (Unlimited Brave Burst), or swipe down to Guard. The battles, especially trials are quite varied and you can spend quite a while trying to defeat them as they have a fixed pattern and strategy of moves that they can use on you.

Brave frontier Game play modes:

Quests - Complete story missions!

Grand Quest - Think of grand quests as compiling the contents of a section of a map into a quest. It is also used to tell a story. Quite interesting.

Arena - Auto battle arena for arena based rewards. You can get exclusive Arena only spheres if you're high ranked. But these spheres - usually - at some point of time can be crafted either in Raid or bought using merit points.

Challenge Arena (CA) - Similar to Arena with random rules applied. If you're one who is willing to sink time in Challenge arena is a great place to farm summon tickets and gems for summoning. You can also get CA exclusive spheres as well.

Frontier Hunter - A series of challenges that occurs monthly that you can use to farm for gems and points as well to rank up your hunter ranks for exclusive rewards such as Elgifs, spheres and units!

Frontier Gate - Farm points for FG rewards mainly.

Raid Battles - Raid have a story of their own and it usually is a lot harder compared to trials with multiple body parts that you have to eliminate. To offset this difficulty, you have 3 lives and have more than 1 group of people fighting the same boss for you.

Vortex Dungeons - Where you can farm your evolution materials, zel and imps. All collaboration dungeons and occasional special season event dungeons can be found here as well.


Overall Brave Frontier is a pretty awesome game by many measures and especially if you're an old school fan you should definitely try out this game! If you like a challenge and just want the units, you can use our Online generator for gems, or if you just want to cheat your way through, you can use our BRAVE FRONTIER MEGA MOD. We hope you liked our mod and we'll see you in our next article!
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