How does our Mods work?

So in this post, I the editor will discuss on how our mods work exactly and how they are different from other 'Mods' that people offer for free. We hope this will clarify some of the doubts you have on our mods and why we are able to offer features nobody can.

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1. Mod AKA Modification

By definition, a mod means a modification of the client. Make sense. Most mods you see floating around the web are what we call 'Client Based Mods', meaning modders who are able to delve into the world of hex and assembly languages can modify the client to create mods such as '1 Damage Hacks' or '1 HP Hacks' or '0 Energy'.

Reason why some of these 'calculations' are performed locally is because it can save servers some money. Of course, some try their best to obfuscate the mod to make it hard for hackers to decipher but in reality it just takes more time for us to figure out how it works.

2. Server Based Mods

Note: This does not apply to our online generators. They use a different method.

I'm sure some of you might have heard of this interesting thing called 'Packet Sniffing'. Basically what a packet is it's a set of instructions that the client use to communicate with the server.

What our mods basically does is it is usually loaded with packets. These packets contain instructions such as 'Add 99999 Gems' or 'Add 99999 of X'. Upon starting up these hacks, the packets will sent ONE TIME to the server so you'll be able to enjoy these Resources for free.

Once that is done, you're free to keep the mod for your own personal use. The mod will mark your phone as having used the hack and will not attempt to send the packet again should you update our mod. (Which usually isn't necessary because people go for free mods after this, I mean, who wants to complete a survey twice anyway unless you want to support us of course.)

Tl;Dr (Too long, didn't read so in summary)

Long story short, all you have to is use our mods ONE TIME for all server related mods such as Gold, Coins, Gems, Rubies whatever as they will be there PERMANENTLY no matter what new mod you decide to switch to.

Recommended that you perform this on a new account, though existing accounts work fine, it's better to make sure that your account won't end up corrupted because of this mod.

Thank you for reading and we hope that you enjoy our mods.
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