[Android Mod] Walking Dead: Road to Survival - (Unlimited Food, Materials and Coins)

I see... so it would seem that The Walking Dead has adopted this model of game play.
No Root Required to Play!


Are you ready to take over Woodbury and put an end to The Governor’s tyranny? Battle between life and the undead in the definitive Walking Dead role-playing game, where your decisions will determine who lives or dies.
In an all-new story based on the original The Walking Dead graphic novels, recruit iconic survivors like Rick, Glenn and Michonne to join your team and break free from the reign of a madman.
Obliterate Walkers and other survivors with a deadly arsenal of weapons, including Michonne’s almighty katana. Power up your team to combat against enemy raids and fortify your home base with supplies gathered from dangerous PVP and PVE missions. Find strength in numbers - band together through powerful Factions with friends and allies to destroy your enemies!
In this seemingly endless zombie apocalypse, it’s kill or be killed as you fight for survival.

Mod Features: [Value Freeze]

  1. Unlimited Food
  2. Unlimited Materials
  3. Unlimited Coins

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Editors Note:

This time we have The Walking Dead: Road to Survival! Yay it would seem that Walking Dead has gotten their own game apart from the hack and slash one. This one seems a little more sustainable in the freemium aspect. Regardless, this game has been pretty fun so far and we're enjoying it!

We suppose there's a reason why people like this sort of game so we've decided to hack it to bring more fun and joy into this game! I'm sure Zombies are everyone's favorite even though it's kind of mainstream, but that doesn't mean you should just because it's mainstream! Jump right into The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Hacked and enjoy now!

Yes! We're finally back from a really long hiatus to start bringing you android game hacks! We come back ever so often to bring you some updates to these hacks as most people only request well known games. Though if you're interested in some of the not so well known games you can visit revomods.com as they offer more!

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