[Android Mod] EmpireZ Mod (Unlimited Gold, Coins and Resources)

Empire Z Gold Hack

EmpireZ the post-apocalyptic version of Game of War - Fire Age


After the infected apocalypse humanity lies in ruins.
Remnants of humanity band together and desperately try to rebuild civilization.
The only remaining areas safe from the infected are within the well fortified walls of your city.
It is up to you and those like you to create order from chaos and help restore humanity.
Form powerful alliances! Rebuild your city, train your troops, and engage in combat with thousands of players online!
Empire Z is an intense combination of city building and alliance warfare with other live players. Create an unstoppable army of Commando’s, Boomers, and mighty Zombie Dozers. Forge an alliance with other players and rise through the leaderboards.
Fend off enemy armies and wandering infected to restore order to a world on the brink.

Mod Description:

- Unlimited Gold
- Unlimited Coins
- Unlimited Resources

Download Link:

Editor's Notes:

So this is basically a direct copy of Game of War- Fire age, except it has a post-apocalyptic theme slapped onto it. Your troops consists of zombies... (Funny...) that is used to thwart other bases. I found this setting rather funny, I mean, if Zombies are the one who destroyed the world, why would you use them anyway? Secondly, rebuilding a civilization USUALLY doesn't involve you trying to destroy other people's attempt to rebuild a civilization.

Unless of course this is the next three kingdoms where all the warlords are fighting for power to be the ultimate ruler of the worlds or something. Now that would be interesting.

A good twist such games can add in my opinion is a good story element in it other than its highly appreciated strategic value of a game. But that's just my opinion, but it would be interesting to see such games incorporate a story element in it.

Anyway, instead of fretting over resources and getting destroyed by your 'enemies', you can now rest in peace to build the ultimate Empire you've dreamed of using this hack/mod.

Hope you like this mod, and we'll see you in the next one! Have fun!
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