Tower Of Saviors [No Root APK Mod - 999 Diamonds and 9,999,999 Coins]

Tower Of Saviors Hack 999 Diamonds and 9.99 Million Coins
Awesome don't you think?


Story Background"In ancient times, humans built the Enochian Tower in an attempt to become gods. Demons from hell took this opportunity to exploit the tower, invading heaven through it. A three-way battle between humans, demons and gods ensued. The gods then destroyed the tower's summit and cast seals on it, closing the path to heaven. Wars continue to rage on earth and mankind is at the brink of extinction. The last hope lies with summoners who can unleash the seals and rally the power of the gods!"============================================Tower of Saviors Game Features:* Addictive and fun RPG and match 3+ challenges, with a brand new in-game story mode * Detailed European & American graphic design that catches your attention* Over 400 battles with different levels of difficulty* Included elements of the medieval myth, and 400 characters of the Greek, Chinese, Egyptian and more mythology* Different battles every day for players to collect specific elements to strengthen the teams* Brand new battle every week for players to collect more rare monsters* Limited time for diamond rewards which allow players to have a higher chance to summon the mythology charactersDownload this fun and addictive game and challenge yourself now!

Mod Description:

Exactly as the image above depicts.
This is to prevent overpowered individuals at low levels.

This mod is update safe meaning it is safe to update from this version whenever a new one comes out.
The newer version will override this current version

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